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An All-American Meal

SantanaBandana • Level 3: 100-200, 0 ante

If you're here in Vegas for the World Series of Poker, or if you follow a handful of professional poker players on Twitter, then you've probably heard of All American Dave. Dave Swanson is a a fitness coach, dietary guru, and the creator of the All American Dave Meal Plan, which dozens of grinders at the WSOP subscribe to. Last year, All American Dave's clients shipped a combined seven bracelets - Brian Rast was responsible for two of them - and this year he's expanded his service so that anyone can purchase meals and have them delivered to them at the Rio.

At least three players here in the Brasilia Room collected their boxed lunches from All American Dave's delivery team. Allen Bari and Nick Binger scarfed down a lime chili tilapia dish with asparagus, onions, brown rice, and bell peppers, while Frankenberger is unsure of what was in his box.

"I believe it was chicken," Frankenberger told us, smiling.

Bari was finished with his lunch in what seemed like less than three hands.

"It was really good," he told us. "Spicy, but good."

Saturday's menu looks delectable as well - you have a choice of lemon pepper chicken, tomato basil chicken, an All American burger, or an old bay tilapia dish.

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