Event #62: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event

Interview: New Chip Leader Mark Newhouse

BrettC • Level 32: 100,000-200,000, 30,000 ante
Mark Newhouse

Mark Newhouse is the new chip leader of the 2013 WSOP Main Event after a very productive level at the feature table. We spoke with Newhouse right before the start of Level 32 about the two big hands against Anton Morgenstern and his hopes to make the final table.

PokerNews: Can you walk us through the two hands against Morgenstern?

Newhouse: The first one was ace-queen against his two eights. He played the hand just fine and I had no choice but to get it in. Obviously it was a coinflip so it felt good to be on the good side of variance. On the second hand I flat-called with pocket deuces. The flop was deuce-ace-ace. He bet into me and I called. The turn was a three. He bet again and I raised him. He reraised me back. At this point I was actually a bit concerned that he could possibly have ace-three and maybe I was behind, but my hand was too strong to let it go. I then get it in and he calls with ace-jack. I’m actually very surprised to see that hand. I don’t know what he was thinking to be honest. He maybe just had a lapse of judgment and lost a big pot. Now I’m chip leader and feel great.

Does being chip leader put any kind of pressure on you at all?

I’m going to try not to let it affect me. If I lose a pot and someone else is above me then it is what it is. I think I’ll still be in great shape until I lose a big one. Until then I’ll keep making good decisions and hope for a final table.

There’s a good mix of pros and amateurs right now. What ratio are you hoping for if you make it to the final table?

All amateurs. Except for JC Tran because he’s a good friend of mine. Honestly, I think having amateurs on the final table would make for good television. It could attract a more general demographic and help with the image of the game. A table full of pros might be less interesting for the average player and could potentially deter them from watching. Either way, I hope to make it to the final nine.

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