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Event #20: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout

Seidel, Alaei, Brenes Highlight Day 2 of the $3,000 Shootout

Erik Seidel

Wikipedia defines a shootout as "a gun battle between armed groups." Merriam-Webster has it as "a battle fought with handguns or rifles." describes it as "a gunfight that must end in defeat for one side or the other, as between gunfighters in the Old West, criminal groups, or law-enforcement officers and criminals."

Today marks Day 2 of the second "shootout" tournament at the 2014 World Series of Poker. Instead of guns, players will be using chips as ammunition, but they'll no doubt be firing plenty of bullets at their opponents throughout the day as they look to take them down and advance to the final table. This may not be the Old West from recent centuries, but the action on the felt looks to be as wild as ever with plenty of young, aggressive players still in the mix for the title.

Headlining the day, though, are a a few of the older guard. Between Erik Seidel (8), Daniel Alaei (4), and Humberto Brenes (2), plenty of WSOP gold is represented. Seidel and Alaei will be on the same table throughout Day 2, and then Brenes will have to battle with Sorel Mizzi, Tamer Kamel, and Jackduyph Duong.

Speaking of Mizzi, he's involved in a bit of a family affair here on Day 2. Not only did Sorel win his table to advance on Day 1, but his brother, Marcus, did the same. Marcus will have to battle with Mike Pickett, Raymond Dandrea, and Chris Bell.

That's a lot of firepower wrangled into the final 40 of this event, but there's even more tough competition sprinkled throughout. Dimitar Danchev, Dylan Linde, Jake Cody, Phil Galfond, Taylor Paur, Jonathan Jaffe, Faraz Jaka, and Eric Wasserson will all be riding into town for the 2 p.m. restart.

All told, the 40 survivors returning for Day 2 will be looking to ride off into the sunset, as the final table of this event sits on the horizon. With a $254,891 top prize and a bright, shiny piece of jewelry up top to the winner, this one is anyone's game. Right now, each returning player has locked up $7,805.

The cards will be in the air at 2 p.m. PT, so be sure to stay tuned for live coverage from the PokerNews express starting then!