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Event #3: $1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

Final Table Interview: Brandon Shack-Harris

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Brandon Shack-Harris

Brandon Shack-Harris is a mixed game player with plenty of PLO experience. In fact, all of his WSOP cashes have come in events other than no-limit hold’em. With the elimination of Steve Billirakis in fourth place, Shack-Harris is at least guaranteed to tie his best finish, which was third place in the 2012 WSOP $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Event.

We caught up with Shack-Harris during the break.

How did you feel about playing down to six last night instead of stopping at nine?

I think it’s great. I like keeping the momentum of the game going instead of starting cold. It’s helpful for me at least. It works well with my mindset.

How did the rest of the table take the news?

No one said anything. I think everyone liked it. I can’t speak for the people that busted — maybe they would have wanted a little more attention or something like that — but I think a lot of us just want to get it done.

I want to late reg razz and because we came back with six, this should be over before late reg closes. It might be bad for amateur or recreational players, though. They should probably get their time in the sun. That’s something to think about.

Did you make any adjustments to your game overnight?

There was a hand that kind of bothered me. It played out weird. I had a lot of options. I had one or two plays and then I decided that a third option was probably better. I was just to trying to get some closure. We have a poker house with 13 of us. There are eight of us right now and everyone is really good.

I talked to everybody about that hand and listened to what everyone had to say. Otherwise, I went home and did a little homework.

You have the chip lead going into break. How does that change things if at all?

It allows me to put pressure on the other players obviously. I’m kind of going about it selectively.

Is PLO is your best game?

No. It’s a game I play a lot. I play a lot of mixed games. I like having the game change every eight hands. I like PLO a lot. I even played it on its own for a bit, but I prefer the mixed games in general. I like different games.

Do you have a favorite?

Razz was it. I have been really enjoying badacey, baduecy and deuce. I’ve got a lot of friends who like talking about little nuances of new games and that makes it a lot of fun. Right now PLO is my favorite game, though.

What’s your summer schedule like — is it pretty packed?

Yeah. I think I have 20 events that are the best for me and I will add on accordingly. The PLO events coincide with the mixed events and that’s bad for me. Just three no-limit events right now and PLO.

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