Event #6: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout

Hand #51: Bolotin Spikes an Ace

[user101598] • Level 4: 6,000-12,000, 2,000 ante
Alex Bolotin

With a dead small blind, Josh Arieh was first to act, and he raised to 27,000. Alex Bolotin reraised to 85,000 out of the big blind, Arieh flicked out a call, and the dealer fanned {q-Spades}{10-Hearts}{7-Hearts}. Bolotin led out for 90,000, Arieh raised to 235,000, and Bolotin moved all in for 855,000. Arieh snap-called.

Bolotin: {a-Diamonds}{a-Clubs}
Arieh: {10-Diamonds}{10-Spades}

The two-time WSOP bracelet winner held a commanding lead with a set of tens, but the {a-Spades} spiked onto the felt on the turn, giving Bolotin a higher set.

The {j-Clubs} bricked off on the river, and the Brooklyn native shipped a massive double to nearly 1.9 million chips. Arieh slipped down to around 850,000.

Player Chips Progress
Alex Bolotin us
Alex Bolotin
us 1,888,000 1,008,000
Josh Arieh us
Josh Arieh
us 850,000 -671,000

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