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Event #64: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha Championship

Farha Doubles Through Smith

mnuwwarah • Level 5: 200-400, 0 ante

In what appeared to be a three-bet pot, Daniel Alaei checked to Sam Farha, who moved all in for 10,175 from the cutoff on the {q-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{7-Spades} flop. Dan Smith shoved over the top of that from the button, and Alaei tossed his cards in.

Smith: {9-Spades}{8-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{6-Spades}
Farha: {q-Spades}{7-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{3-Spades}

Farha had flopped middle two pair, while Smith had a pair of eights and a wrap. The {k-Spades} turn and {5-Spades} river meant both players ran flushes, but Farha's was better with queen-high.

Player Chips Progress
Sam Farha us
Sam Farha
us 33,800
Dan Smith us
Dan Smith
us 25,100 -18,250

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