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Event #14: $1,500 H.O.R.S.E.

Gary Kosakowski Eliminated in 3rd Place ($89,730)

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Gary Kosakowski

Omaha Hi-Lo

Jason Stockfish opened from the button, Gary Kosakowski defended his big blind and the dealer spread out {6-Clubs}{j-Hearts}{a-Spades} on the flop. Stockfish fired in a bet, Kosakowski elected to call and the {9-Diamonds} peeled off on the turn.

Stockfish checked to Kosakowski who then pushed in a bet and Stockfish check-raised him all in. Kosakowski called, tabling {k-Spades}{q-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}{3-Hearts} for king-high with some low draws.

Stockfish turned over {8-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}, giving him the only pair thus far. The dealer flipped over a {4-Spades} on the river, failing to improve Kosakowski enough to take down any part of the pot as he was eliminated by Stockfish.

Player Chips Progress
Jason Stockfish us
Jason Stockfish
us 6,150,000 1,450,000
Murilo Souza br
Murilo Souza
br 1,350,000 15,000
Gary Kosakowski us
Gary Kosakowski
us Busted

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