2021 World Series of Poker Europe 888poker WPTDS London Online
Event #21: $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw Championship

Pedro Bromfman Eliminated in 6th Place ($41,897)

mnuwwarah • Level 19: 10,000-20,000, 30,000 ante
Pedro Bromfman

Pedro Bromfman opened for 60,000 in the cutoff and snap-called it off when Prahlad Friedman jammed in the big blind. Friedman covered Bromfman's 285,000.

Both players drew one and Bromfman opened a big draw: {7-}{6-}{5-}{2-}. Friedman was drawing a bit less smooth with {8-}{7-}{4-}{3-} and did not find a very good card in the {a-}. However, Bromfman paired with a {2-} and hit the rail in sixth.

Player Chips Progress
Prahlad Friedman us
Prahlad Friedman
us 1,100,000 375,000
Pedro Bromfman us
Pedro Bromfman
us Busted

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