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Event #40: $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha

Sai Wah "sws79" Shek Eliminated in 5th Place ($64,806)

zedmaster84 • Level 29: 60,000-120,000, 0 ante
Sai Wah Shek Eliminated in 5th Place

Andreas Torbergsen had increased his lead by three-betting Leon Tsoukernik and jamming the flop successfully.

Torbergsen then raised to 300,000 first to act and Tsoukernik flat-called on the button. Sai Wah "sws79" Shek jammed for 1,024,932 in the small blind and Torbergsen reraised to force out Tsoukernik.

Sai Wah "sws79" Shek: {q-Clubs}{j-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}
Andreas Torbergsen: {q-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}

The {a-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{6-Hearts} flop spelled trouble for Shek and while he dodged the flush on the {9-Spades} turn, the {2-Hearts} river indeed improved Torbergsen and sent Shek out in 5th place for $64,805.54.

Player Chips Progress
Andreas Torbergsen no
Andreas Torbergsen
no 7,329,861 3,004,932
Simon Lofberg se
Simon Lofberg
se 2,428,949 -180,000
Leon Tsoukernik cz
Leon Tsoukernik
cz 2,031,434 -1,500,000
Shyngis "somebodyelse" Satubayev
Shyngis "somebodyelse" Satubayev
1,509,756 -120,000
Sai Wah "sws79" Shek HK
Sai Wah "sws79" Shek
HK Busted

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