Lone Star Poker Series 2020 NJCOOP
2020 WSOP Global Casino Championship

Jason "VooDooDuDu" Tang Elimimated in 12th Place ($20,330)


Blinds: 12,000/24,000/1200

In blind-versus-blind action, Andrew "RandyLerch" Kelsall and Jaso0n "VooDooDuDu" Tang got it all in preflop and were off to the races.

Andrew "RandyLerch" Kelsall: {3-Clubs}{3-Hearts}
Jason "VooDooDuDu" Tang: {q-Clubs}{k-Hearts}

The board ran out {2-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}{j-Spades}{j-Clubs}{9-Spades}, which gave Kelsall a boat and eiminated Tang from the tournament.

Chip Counts
Andrew "RandyLerch" Kelsall 263,777 -142,531
Jason "VooDooDuDu" Tang Busted

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