2021 World Series of Poker Europe 888poker WPTDS London Online
Event #2: $1,111 Caesars Cares Charity Event

Shaham's Turn to Double Off Hrabec

Jaxon • Level 38: 100,000-200,000, 25,000 ante

A couple of hands after Tom "Jabochi" Shaham doubled Hrabec, the tables turned.

Hrabec opened the button for 400,000 before he called a jam by Shaham to 1,081,593 from the small blind.

Tom "Jabochi" Shaham: {a-Clubs}{9-Hearts}
Roman Hrabec: {q-Hearts}{3-Spades}

Hrabec didn't snag a piece of the {8-Clubs}{8-Spades}{6-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}{9-Clubs} board and Shaham doubled his stack.

Player Chips Progress
Andras Nemeth hu
Andras Nemeth
hu 11,414,967 -795,000
Joao Simao br
Joao Simao
br 7,400,126 445,000
Roman Hrabec cz
Roman Hrabec
cz 7,267,065 -1,231,593
Espen "_sennj_" Sandvik NO
Espen "_sennj_" Sandvik
NO 6,702,572 525,000
Ilya "Dezauzer" Yakunin ru
Ilya "Dezauzer" Yakunin
ru 4,302,084 -225,000
Tom "Jabochi" Shaham IL
Tom "Jabochi" Shaham
IL 2,513,186 1,181,593