2021 WSOP.com Online Bracelet Events

Event #18: $1,000 NLH North American Open
Days: 1

Paul "yogaprince62" Tong Eliminated in 11th ($7,404)

Level 33 : 30,000-60,000, 6,000 ante

Landon "ActionDealer" Tice raised to 120,000 from early position Paul "yogaprince62" Tong called from the small blind and the big blind called to.

The flop came the {9-Clubs}{k-Spades}{6-Hearts}. Tong bet 195,000, Tice called and the third player folded.

The turn was the {a-Hearts}. Tong bet 390,000 and Tice called again.

The river came the {7-Clubs}. Tong bet 780,000, Tice raised to 1,928,894 to force Tong all in who snap called.

Tong showed the {a-Diamonds}{9-Hearts} for two-pair but it was no good against the {10-Hearts}{8-Hearts} straight of Tice. Tong was eliminated and Tice took the chip lead in dramatic fashion.

Player Chips Progress
Landon "ActionDealer" Tice
Landon "ActionDealer" Tice
4,984,405 3,035,518
Paul "yogaprince62" Tong us
Paul "yogaprince62" Tong