2022 888poker XL Winter Series MSPT Sycuan Casino
Event #59: $1,000 Tag Team

Three Good for Team Botfeld

Tboss • Level 17: 4,000-8,000, 8,000 ante

After putting 45,000 each before the flop Team Botfeld and Team Song were heads up to the {9-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{6-Spades} flop.

David Botfeld of Team Botfeld check-called a bet of 30,000 from Brock Wilson of Team Song and the {6-Hearts} hit the turn. Both players quickly checked.

On the {7-Clubs} river, both players checked once again and Botfeld tabled {3-Hearts}{3-Diamonds} for sixes and threes and that was good enough to scoop the pot.

Player Chips Progress
Amanda Botfeld - David Botfeld
Amanda Botfeld - David Botfeld
1,023,000 338,000
Stephen Song - Brock Wilson
Stephen Song - Brock Wilson
735,000 -104,000

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