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Event #72: $1,500 Mixed No-Limit Hold'em/Pot-Limit Omaha

Rafael Mota Eliminated in 2nd Place ($129,621)

Tboss • Level 32: 120,000-240,000, 240,000 ante
Rafael Mota

Pot-Limit Omaha

Rafael Mota limped on the button and Motoyoshi Okamura checked his option.

The dealer spread a flop of {10-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{3-Spades} and Okamura checked to Mota, who put in a pot-sized bet of 720,000. Okamura instantly said "pot" and before he could put the chips in, Mota piled his stack of just over 3 million into the middle and both hands were tabled.

Rafael Mota: {a-Hearts}{k-Hearts}{k-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}
Motoyoshi Okamura: {q-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{5-Clubs}

Mota was ahead with a pair of kings and a flush draw but fell behind on the {q-Diamonds} turn, as Okamura made two pair. The {q-Spades} completed the board on the river and Okamura made a full house to win the tournament and eliminate Mota in second place.

Player Chips Progress
Motoyoshi Okamura jp
Motoyoshi Okamura
jp 21,150,000 4,530,000
Rafael Mota BR
Rafael Mota
BR Busted

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