Event #38: $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw Championship

Phil Hellmuth Eliminated in 9th Place ($31,796)

BrandonBloom • Level 18: 10,000-15,000, 25,000 ante
Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth moved all in on the button for his 126,000 chips and Andrew Kelsall called in the small blind.

Kelsall stood pat and Hellmuth drew one.

Phil Hellmuth: {10-}{8-}{7-}{2-} / {x-}
Andrew Kelsall: {j-}{8-}{5-}{4-}{3-}

"Even money. It's a six or an eight," remarked Hellmuth as he slowly peeled his card. He revealed his card to Kelsall before checking it himself.

"Good game," Kelsall broke the news, as the {8-} paired Hellmuth to send him to the rail.

"Good luck everybody," Hellmuth said as he shook his opponents' hands and made his exit in ninth place for $31,796, putting his pursuit of a 17th bracelet on hold for another day.

Player Chips Progress
Andrew Kelsall us
Andrew Kelsall
us 850,000 110,000
Phil Hellmuth us
Phil Hellmuth
us Busted

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