Event #83: $50,000 High Roller No-Limit Hold'em

Vieira Closes the Gap Once Again

blaisebourgeois • Level 26: Blinds 300,000-600,000, 600,000 ante

Joao Vieira opened to 1,200,000 and Lander Lijo called.

The flop came {j-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}{4-Clubs} and Lijo checked to Vieira who bet 750,000. Lijo raised to 2,300,000 and Vieira called.

Both players would then check the {7-Hearts}.

On the {a-Hearts} river, both players would tap the table once more.

Vieira showed {a-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}, which ended up being the winner on the river as Lijo showed {k-Spades}{4-Hearts}.

Player Chips Progress
Lander Lijo es
Lander Lijo
es 17,000,000 -5,300,000
Joao Vieira pt
Joao Vieira
Winamax Team Pro
pt 15,100,000 5,300,000

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