2023 World Series of Poker

Event #40: $250,000 Super High Roller
Day: 2
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2023 World Series of Poker

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Prize Pool
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600,000 / 1,200,000
Players Info - Day 2
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Spades Bad for Chen, Spades Good for Chen

Level 12 : Blinds 30,000/60,000, 60,000 ante
Chris Brewer
Chris Brewer

Chris Brewer raised from middle position to 140,000 and was three-bet to 500,000 by James Chen on the button. Brewer called and fireworks ensued.

The dealer put out an all-spade board, consisting of the A52 and Brewer checked over to Chen, who put out a bet of 300,000. Brewer responded with a check-raise to 700,000 and Chen then three-bet to 1,600,000, which Brewer called.

"Check," said Brewer.

"Did you just check in the dark?" asked Chen.

"Yes," said Brewer.

The turn brought the Q and Chen moved all in, with Brewer snap calling.

Chris Brewer: AJ
James Chen: 109

The river 8 would be inconsequential as Chen was drawing dead to Brewer's flush.

"You gave me two opportunities to quit bluffing, but I just couldn't do it," laughed Chen.

In the very next hand, Brandon Steven raised to 140,000 from middle position and Chen called from late position.

Both players checked the 6QJ flop and Steven lead out for 140,000 on the Q turn, getting a call from Chen. Steven checked the 4 river and Chen put out a bet of 300,000, resulting in a frustrated fold from Steven.

Player Chips Progress
Chris Brewer us
Chris Brewer
5,700,000 190,000
WSOP 2X Winner
James Chen tw
James Chen
2,500,000 -1,990,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Brandon Steven us
Brandon Steven
825,000 275,000

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