Event #73: $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em MAIN EVENT - World Championship

Outer Table Hands #56-59: Saout Wins a Big Flip Against Messina

zedmaster84 • Level 33: 150,000-300,000, 50,000 ante
Antoine Saout_ Valentin Messina

Hand #56: Pedro Oliveira raised to 700,000 and Richard Dubini defended the big blind. On a flop of {A-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}, Dubini checked and Oliveira bet 625,000, which Dubini called. The {6-Hearts} fell on the turn and Dubini checked once more, and Oliveira's second barrel worth 975,000 was called.

After the {7-Clubs} river, both players checked and Dubini announced a straight, then turned over {4-Spades}{5-Spades}. Oliveira was surprised for a second, stared at the board and nodded.

Hand #57: Unknown action.

Hand #58: Dubini raised on the button for 600,000 and Valentin Messina called in the big blind. The flop fell {J-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{2-Spades} and both players checked. There was no betting action on the {8-Diamonds} turn either and the {4-Diamonds} river saw a check by Messina, a bet of 500,000 by Dubini and Messina sent his cards into the muck.

Hand #59: Antoine Saout raised to 775,000 from the button and Messina in the big blind glanced over at his stack. He then three-bet to 2,250,000 and Saout four-bet all in for more than 10 million when the action was back on him. Messina called and the cards were tabled.

Antoine Saout: {A-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds}
Valentin Messina: {10-Hearts}{10-Clubs}

"I think France will win," Oliveira joked before the showdown proceeced. The flop of {K-Spades}{J-Clubs}{3-Spades} changed nothing yet, while Saout took the lead with the {Q-Clubs} turn. Messina hit his set on the river with the {10-Spades}, but the very same card also improved Saout to a straight.

Saout doubled for 10,275,000 and Richard Gryko said in table chat, "So that's the secret to reaching WSOP final tables," over to the Frenchman.

Player Chips Progress
Pedro Oliveira pt
Pedro Oliveira
pt 23,000,000 2,400,000
Richard Dubini ar
Richard Dubini
ar 21,700,000 2,000,000
Antoine Saout fr
Antoine Saout
fr 21,000,000 8,100,000
Valentin Messina fr
Valentin Messina
fr 9,500,000 -10,500,000

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