AU$2,200 Main Event

Rahul Rastogi Eliminated in 3rd Place ($192,299)

Mateusz_Pater • Level 31: 100,000-200,000, 30,000 ante
Rahul Rastogi

Rahul Rastogi called from the small blind before Matt Pongrass raised to 700,000 from the big blind. With the decision back on Rastogi he moved all in for 6,500,000. Pongrass snap-called.

Matt Pongrass: {j-Hearts}{j-Spades}
Rahul Rastogi: {j-Hearts}{3-Clubs}

Rastogi took a stab preflop but was dominated. He would find no help as the board ran out {9-Clubs}{10-Spades}{9-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{a-Diamonds} to see him fall in 3rd place.

We are now down to heads up betweem Alex Lynskey and Matt Pongrass.

Player Chips Progress
Rahul Rastogi au
Rahul Rastogi
au Busted

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