Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Tense Pre Flop Hand


Sometimes some of the best hands are the ones where you don't see any hands!

Michael Drummond raised to 900 in the hijack seat and quickly covered the side of his mouth that was facing the opponent to his direct left. That opponent happened to be Triple Crown winner Jake Cody. Cody had that look about him, the one where you know he is about to make a move, he three-bet Drummond and the bet was for 2,600. Cody and Drummond remained transfixed, and we have to give them credit for that because the action folded around to Beth Shak in the big blind, and Shak is usually worth breaking eye contact for.

"A raise and a re-raise? How much is that?" Said an anxious Shak.

The dealer confirmed the size of the three-bet and Shak mucked her hand, stood up and started speaking to someone on the phone. Back to Drummond, who had not moved a muscle, and he made the four-bet to 5,450. Cody thought for two-minutes and eventually folded his hand.

"I folded queens," said Shak.

Player Chips Progress
40,000 2,000

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