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Event #1: €2,700 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em

Phil Hellmuth Eliminated in 24th Place (€4,887)

Phil Hellmuth - 24th Place

From the small blind, Phil Hellmuth raised to 3,600. Then, Roberto Romanello reraised to 10,600 from the big blind.

"All right, I'm all in," said Hellmuth.

"I call," quickly came the response from Romanello.

Romanello turned over the {A-Spades}{Q-Clubs} and Hellmuth the {10-Hearts}{10-Clubs}.

"Wow, you called off 50,000 with ace-queen off," commented Hellmuth. "Unreal!"

The flop came down {J-Clubs}{3-Clubs}{2-Diamonds} and Hellmuth's tens stayed in front. The turn was the {6-Clubs} and that also kept Hellmuth in the lead, but did give Romanello some additional outs to a flush. When the river hit with the {8-Clubs} to deliver Romanello's flush, Hellmuth's gasket blew.

"Unbelievable!" cried Hellmuth. "This guy finally gets it in with me and calls off 50,000 with ace-queen off."

"It was standard, Phil," replied Romanello.

"Standard?!?! Yeah, standard for a guy who hasn't won any tournaments!" fired back Hellmuth. All Romanello could do was laugh.

The stacks were officially counted down and Romanello's 59,500 had Hellmuth covered, who had roughly 42,000. Hellmuth collected his things quickly and stormed off, but not before stopping off to talk to Brandon Cantu and let him know what happened.

"This guy called off 50,000 with ace-queen," Hellmuth complained to Cantu. "And then said it was standard! Yeah, standard like Durrrr! Jeesh, these guys are all so bad!"

Hellmuth mumbled a bit more to himself as he exited the room, while Romanello was busy stacking up his chips with a big smile on his face. For his finish, Hellmuth toom home €4,887.

Player Chips Progress
Roberto Romanello gb
Roberto Romanello
gb 104,000 58,000
Phil Hellmuth us
Phil Hellmuth
us Busted

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