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Washington Online Poker - Best Online Poker Sites in Washington


Washington Washington

  • Live Poker is allowed
  • Sports Betting is allowed
  • Sports Betting is legal since 2020
  • Online Poker is forbidden
  • Online Casino is forbidden

Can You Play Online Poker in Washington?

There is currently no legislation permitting online poker in the state.

Current Washington Gambling Laws

Casinos are allowed in Washington, albeit only on Indian reservations. There are currently 27 casinos in Washington operated by 21 tribes (29 tribes actually have compacts with the state.) Among Washington state casinos are Muckleshoot Casino, Tulalip Resort Casino and Emerald Queen Casino, to name just a few.

The casinos fall under the supervision of the Washington State Gambling Commission, which also authorizes and regulates social gambling activities such as bracket and office sports pools.

While Washington has embraced many forms of gambling, online gaming is not one of them. In fact, in 2006 they passed a law that made it a Class C felony to play poker online. It was challenged in 2012 but reaffirmed by a judge. As such, almost all online operators, including those offering free play options, have pulled out of Washington state.

Not only is online poker prohibited, the mobile gaming industry faces its own struggles in Washington.

There have been several grassroot movements hoping to change the law and redefine online poker, but so far despite their efforts, no overhaul has occurred.

While many states are considering online gaming and others take a "wait-and-see" approach, Washington actively stands against it. It'll take a lot for that to change — most notably the tribes fighting against it. Don't expect a change in the Washington online gaming landscape for quite some time, if ever.

In 2020, Washington lawmakers approved a bill to legalize sports betting in the state.

Best Online Poker Sites for Washington Players

None at present. But you can always play poker for free with the WSOP Social App.

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