2019 World Series of Poker 4th Place: Garry Gates

Garry Gates shoved all in for 29.2 million in the small blind and Alex Livingston woke up to in the big blind.

Gates was dominated with .

The flop brought some backdoor chances for Gates. The turn closed those off so it was down to needing a river six for Gates. Though his rail chanted enthusiastically for one, the dealer delivered the instead, harmlessly pairing the board.

Still, Gates' rail chanted his name. He takes home $3,000,000

Gates explains tearfully how this experience has changed his life. He reveals that he is a winner for having this experience and that he will be able to get out of doubt and provide a better life for his daughter. He also shares for the first time that the man behind his entry was Jason Mercier and he couldn't wait to give Mercier back the money after Mercier put so much faith in him.

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