American Idol’s William Hung Talks Poker

William Hung, who rose to fame in 2004 after his “She Bangs” audition on American Idol, is headed to Vegas this month to participate in the Ante 4 Autism charity event hosted by Karina Jett at Golden Nugget.

Time Stamps

00:35 | Playing poker in Los Angeles
01:01 | $58K in lifetime tournament earnings
01:40 | William Hung’s poker origin
03:00 | Was American Idol a positive experience?
04:04 | Playing against Johnny Chan
04:30 | 12th Annual Ante 4 Autism
06:45 | Trips to Las Vegas & WSOP
08:00 | Playing the WSOP Main Event
09:30 | Which American Idol judge would make the best poker player

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