PokerNews Week in Review: Phil Hellmuth vs Daniel Negreanu Heads Up

Sarah Herring, Chad Holloway and Jeff Platt the latest news to emerge in poker over the last week, and it is a big week! They start with a HUGE announcement: The World Series of Poker is coming back LIVE and online. They discuss the surprising and entertaining Heads Up Duel between Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth. PokerStars makes some interesting moves in welcoming Sam Grafton and Tonkaaap to their team as well as some of the first Ambassadors from US soil to be part of the team in ages!! It is an exciting time to be in poker. They discuss SCOOP, GGPoker Spring Festival and more. Plus an update on the never ending Mike Postle saga.

Bernard Lee joins as the guest to talk about his new book Poker Satellite Success. He explains why you might need to fold aces pre-flop and tells some of the best satellite stories you have never heard.

00:30 | WSOP announces return:
09:30 | WSOP Online
15:30 I Hellmuth pulls off epic comeback, beats Negreanu in round 1 of HSD II:
26:15 I Elite Chip Care
28:00 | PokerStars brings in Tonkaaaap and Sam Grafton:
32:00 | First Sponsored Pros in USA in ages!
33:45 | SCOOP Updates:
37:00 | Bernard Lee Joins Show to talk about his new book Poker Satellite Success
42:20 | Famous Satellite Stories
44:35 | Folding Aces Preflop
52:39 | GGPoker Ad
54:00 | Lev Gottlieb wins two GG Spring Festival events in same day:
56:00 | Guillame Nolet wins GGSF $25k $5mil:
57:40 | Postle Drops Anti-defamation Lawsuit and several file Anti-Slapp
01:07:52 | Run it once Ad

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