What Maria Ho Thinks is Currently Wrong in Poker

Sarah Herring sits down virtually with poker pro and former Amazing Race star Maria Ho to discuss a variety of topics including her goals for 2022, her most recent projects, her take on misogyny in the poker space and what she sees as the biggest issues facing the poker community today.

00:00 - Intro
01:00 - The Amazing Race kicking off again!
02:00 - A Secret Tattoo
06:00 - Friendship with Tiffany Michelle
07:15 - Being the daughter of "Tiger Parents" and how they perceive her success
12:00 - Maria's goals and how they have shifted over the last years
16:00 - What is wrong with the poker space currently and why it might not be attractive to new players
18:00 - Misogyny in poker
23:25 - New Projects
25:25 - What is an NFT?
28:00 - Maria involved in a new poker game?
30:00 - Global Poker Awards

To Listen to full podcast check out: https://www.pokernews.com/podcast/pokernews-podcast/pokernews-podcast-amazing-race-maria-ho-40508.htm

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