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About 888poker Ontario

888poker Ontario Software Review

A good online poker site should provide players with quick accessibility, a clear and easy-to-use interface, and a fun, enjoyable, and safe playing experience.

With 20 years of experience in the industry, 888poker ticks all those boxes with its software, and is widely regarded as one of the best online poker sites in Ontario. However, poker players in other provinces and territories of Canada will need to use the international platform of 888poker.

Usability of 888poker Ontario software

After a quick account setup process, players signing up to 888poker Ontario will be directed to the site’s well-designed and easily navigable lobby page, with the main area listing cash games and tournaments in either list or group views, with filters along the top to select game type, stakes, and player maximum per table. In fact, this is some of the most useable online poker software Canada can offer. 

The left side of the screen features tabs differentiating cash games, tournaments, leaderboards, and even a tab for the smallest stakes games for beginners.

Once a player has selected their game, they’ll instantly be whisked off to the tables and into the action.

Reliability of 888poker Ontario Software

One of the beauties of playing online poker in Canada is the ability to play more than one table at a time or ‘multi-table’.

The 888poker Ontario software provides the ability to do so without interrupting a player’s session. With just the click of a button in the corner of any of the online poker formats, players can instantly add a table of identical stakes. Should they choose to play a variety of stakes or tournaments, the lobby can easily be toggled to with additional tables just a couple of clicks away.

Players will be able to enjoy their multi-table action seamlessly with the option to either tile tables on their screen or ‘cascade’ the tables, layering them over top of each other, with a table requiring a player’s action popping to the front.

All this takes place with the software holding stable, keeping players’ games moving along without crashing.

Sometimes, however, a player’s own internet connection could unexpectedly fail them briefly, disconnecting them from the software, which is a risk you take if you play online poker. The site accounts for this by keeping players at their table(s) but sitting them out of play while their connection issues are resolved.

Look and appearance of 888poker Ontario Software

As the first thing any player will see on a poker site is its lobby, a well-designed, understandable page with easily accessible selections is critical to getting them quickly to the virtual felt. If you want to play online poker in Canada, then 888poker Ontario provides all of this with well-spaced and easily readable tabs and lists, minimizing any potential clutter a lobby can easily have.

Of note, the tournament section clearly differentiates game types with different colored fonts for regular tournaments, satellites, freerolls, and special tournaments.

Once at the tables, the game interface is bright and colorful, with players having the option to select a variety of table felts and background colors, card colors and styles, and a wide selection of avatars to choose from to show their personality.

Players can also express themselves at the tables with the ability to chat with other Canadian poker players, use emojis, and even toss ‘throwable’ items at their opponents, such as tomatoes, eggs, and trophies.

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How to Login to 888poker Ontario

If you want to know how to login to 888poker Ontario, look no further. Here's our quick guide on how to  login to 888poker in four simple steps.

To login to 888poker Ontario all you have to do is the following:

  1. Open the 888poker Ontario poker software. 
  2. A login screen should automatically open. If the login screen doesn’t automatically appear, click the “Login” button in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Enter your username and password into the fields labeled for them.
  4. Click “Login.” Now you're in!

If you forget your login details for 888poker Ontario, you can just click the “forgot password” button and the software will walk you through how to reset your details.

888poker Ontario Rewards

Enticing offers and promotions will greet new players to 888poker Ontario with various gifts, exclusive tournaments, and more throughout not just the poker site but its online casino and sports book as well.

Plenty of rewards are available for existing players as well through the 888Club and freerolls.

The 888 Club rewards real money players with points to earn gold tokens which can be redeemed for a variety of cool poker, casino, and sports bets goodies, including cold hard cash!

The Winner Spinner gives players a pair of opportunities daily (desktop and mobile) to earn prizes with the spin of a wheel.

The 24/7 Freerolls Festival gives players a chance at a share of $12,000 every week with free tournament tickets that run around the clock.

Because Canada's 888poker experience is split between 888poker Ontario and 888poker.com, it is important to note that if you play online poker in Canada the offers and promotions will be different in Ontario compared with the rest of Canada.

888poker Ontario App Review

Along with great desktop software, 888poker Ontario offers ground-breaking mobile software in their app, which is available for both IOS and Android users. Powered by their user-friendly Poker 8 system, the 888poker Ontario app provides fun and entertaining poker action on the go. 

AspectiPhone AppAndroid App
Ready to Play?Just sign up and play!Just sign up and play!
No. of Downloads1 (separate downloads for casino and sports betting)1 (separate downloads for casino and sports betting)
Regions AvailableOntario (to play online poker in Canada outside of Ontario, check out international sites).Ontario (to play online poker in Canada outside of Ontario, check out international sites).
App Limitations v DesktopLess customizable tables. Home Games must be created on, a desktop.Less customizable tables. Home Games must be created on desktop.
Games AvailableHold ‘em, OmahaHold ‘em, Omaha
Minimum Deposit$10 CDN$10 CDN
Minimum Withdrawal$5$5
Deposit MethodsInterac, VISA, MasterCard, Paysafecard, Apple PayInterac, VISA, MasterCard, Paysafecard
3 Key App FeaturesUser-friendly lobby interface, vibrant, colourful graphics, recreational heavy player poolUser-friendly lobby interface, vibrant, colourful graphics, the recreational heavy player pool
RewardsAll (See Rewards and Promotions)All (See Rewards and Promotions)
Sign-up Offer100% up to $1,000, $20 No Deposit100% up to $1,000, $20 No Deposit

Key 888poker Ontario App Features

888poker Ontario’s app lobby is at the top of the market with clear, easy-to-understand icons and tabs designed to get players into the game of their choice quickly. All games and features from the desktop version are available, along with a simple cashier page allowing players to deposit and withdraw just as easily from their mobile device.

Once at the tables, 888poker Ontario’s 8 Poker software provides players easy to use, colorful, fun gameplay with simple-to-understand betting options, including preset buttons, the ability to manually input betting amounts, or a clickable tab to raise or lower betting amounts by increments of big blinds.

If the games aren’t good, though, none of this matters. That isn’t a concern with 888poker Ontario, as the many fun and player-friendly features encourage a large amount of their traffic to be generated from the recreational portion of the player pool. This, in turn, brings some of the juiciest and most exciting games available on your desktop or in your hand.

If you use 888poker in Canada to gamble online outside of Ontario, you'll find your overall experience is similar. However, player pools will be larger as poker players in Canada are part of the international player pool. Ontario is the exception in this regard. 

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Poker Games and Variants Available to Play at 888poker Ontario

Both No-Limit Hold ‘em and Pot-Limit Omaha are on offer at 888poker Ontario, with the popular poker variants available at cash tables or tournaments at a wide variety of stakes from the micros to High Rollers.

No-Limit Hold'em is also the game of choice for Blast Poker jackpot sit-n-gos and the exciting new Mystery Bounty tournament format.

Here’s a detailed look at all the options.

Play No-limit Hold ‘em at 888poker Ontario

‘The Cadillac of Poker’ as its known, has continued to grow in popularity through the years since it took over as the number one form of poker in the 1990s. It has become the overwhelmingly preeminent game of choice in cardrooms and online poker sites worldwide, and 888poker Ontario offers no shortage of options where to play the world’s poker game.

Players are each dealt two cards and must make a five-card hand using either or both of their two ‘hole cards’ in combination with a five-card board consisting of three betting rounds or “streets”, the flop, the turn, and the river. The highest hand at showdown or the last hand standing, if all opponents fold, wins the pot.

The two main options to play No-Limit Texas Holdem at 888poker Ontario are cash games and tournaments.

When you play cash games, players sit at a table with real money at the stakes of their choosing, ranging from as little as 1 cent / 2 cent blinds with a buy-in from 80 cents to two dollars, all the way up to $10 / 20 blinds with a buy-in of $800 to $2,000.

Players bet, win and lose real cash amounts with winnings added instantly to their 888poker Ontario account. Should a player lose their buy-in or wish to add money to their stack at the table, the ability to reload is just a click away at the table. If a player wishes to add money to their account while at a table, the cashier page is also just a click away and just as easy to complete a deposit as it is at signup.

Tournaments are a tremendously popular way to enjoy No-Limit Texas Holdem in Canada with the opportunity to take a small buy-in and multiply it many times by outlasting a field of their peers and winning poker tournaments.

888poker Ontario provides a huge selection of tournaments 24 hours a day, ranging from freerolls up to three and four-figure buy-ins. Players pay that buy-in upon entry to the tournament of their choosing, with the majority going toward the overall prize pool (a small percentage is taken by 888poker). Players then compete for a percentage of that prize pool, and depending on how far they progress in the tournament, they’ll earn a larger and larger share, with the top few spots earning the majority of the winnings.

Other No-Limit Texas Holdem poker games available at 888poker Ontario include Blast Poker and Mystery Bounty tournaments. More on those in a bit.

Play Pot-limit Omaha at 888poker Ontario

While No-Limit Hold ‘em is known as the Cadillac of Poker, Pot-Limit Omaha’s growing popularity, and evolution into the second most popular form of poker has earned it the nickname of ‘The Great Game’ by many in the poker world.

Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) plays similarly to No-Limit Hold ‘em in terms of the structure of the game but with a couple of key differences.

As its name suggests, betting is pot-limit instead of no-limit, meaning that players may only bet up to the amount of money or chips in the pot on any given street. The other key difference is that players receive four cards instead of two and must use two of their hole cards in combination with the board to make their five-card hand.

PLO cash games at 888poker Ontario are always available with the same stakes as No-Limit Hold ‘em up to $2 / $5 with a buy-in of $200 to $500. Small-stakes tournaments are also available throughout the day, with larger buy-in tournaments available during special tournament series at 888poker Ontario.

Play Mystery Bounty Tournaments at 888poker Ontario

The next big thing in poker is available exclusively in Ontario at 888poker Ontario, the Mystery Bounty tournament! They really are thrilling games.

Mystery Bounty tournaments have become extremely popular mainstays of live tournament series around the world, and now they’ve taken the leap to the online realm with 888poker at the forefront.

Unlike regular bounty tournaments, where players win a designated amount for each player they eliminate, mystery bounty tournaments add elements of excitement and surprise as the bounty amount is, you guessed it, a mystery!

Each player at the table has a golden envelope over their avatar. After a designated point of the tournament, those envelopes become live, with any elimination of an opponent earning that player’s envelope and the mystery prize inside.

Mystery bounty tournaments are now running daily on 888poker Ontario at various buy-ins as low as $1.

Play Blast Poker at 888poker Ontario

Another popular poker variation that has grown in recent years online is the sit-n-go jackpot format which sees a small number of players play in a quick winner-take-all tournament for a random prize designated before play starts. There is high speed poker action from start to finish in these online games.

The prize can vary from 2x the buy-in amount up to a jackpot of 10,000x!

Blast Poker at 888poker Ontario brings the thrilling format to players in buy-in levels from just 10 cents up to $20 with potential jackpots of $1,000 up to $200,000!

At 888poker Ontario, three players are vying for the prize, with blinds quickly escalating until a winner is crowned.

A leaderboard is also available, where players who compete in 10 or 30 game sessions earn points based on their placing in each game. The more points earned, the more chances there are for a slice of the daily $1,000 that's on tap.

Blast Poker is a great way to squeeze in a quick game if you’re short on time with the chance to win a huge prize in just minutes, and it’s available around the clock at 888poker Ontario.

Play Home Games at 888poker Ontario

Many poker players got their start in home games around the kitchen table playing with friends or family. Fond memories of exciting and fun games playing for even just pennies have been the foundation of many a poker player’s career. You can bring that experience to the virtual felt with 888poker Ontario.

Host your very own poker night with “Play with Friends!

It’s as easy as loading up the 888poker Ontario desktop software, clicking on your avatar in the corner of the lobby, selecting “Play with Friends”, then choosing whether you want to play a cash game or tournament (available on a desktop client only), setting the details of your game and then inviting your friends.  All these friends will need to also be located in Ontario. Poker players in other parts of Canada or overseas will not be able to join you.

Cash games can be anywhere from 1c/2c up to $10 / $20, while tournament buy-ins can be set from freeroll to $100.

It’s your game, and it’s up to you! Your very own poker night is on at 888poker Ontario!

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888poker Ontario Rake

In 888poker Ontario, the rake system involves a nominal fee taken from each cash game pot or tournament entry. This fee is the platform's method of revenue generation.

The rake percentage can vary based on factors such as game type and stake levels. 888poker's rake is often competitive within the industry, but specific rates can fluctuate and might be influenced by the platform's promotions or changes in the market.

When evaluating the rake's competitiveness against other sites, players should consider how much of their funds are retained for gameplay. Lower rake percentages tend to be more favorable for players. As a result, playing online poker in Canada can be a very different experience depending on which site you choose to play.

888poker Ontario Service

Trust in a poker site is a critical part of its relationship with players. Reliability, protection of player data and funds, and a responsive customer service team are essential parts of that trust which 888poker Ontario prioritizes in providing a safe and worry-free experience for players.

See all the best online poker sites in Ontario.

888poker Ontario Customer Service 

New users to 888poker Ontario won’t be alone if they have questions or concerns once they join the site.

Along with an extensive FAQ section on their website for questions about everything from registration to deposits and withdrawals, to technical issues and much more, phone support is available from 8 am to midnight ET.

A live chat feature is also available on 888poker Ontario’s cashier page to assist players immediately with questions. Suppose a live chat agent cannot answer a question immediately, or it requires more time than a live chat can resolve. In that case, they’ll refer players to send their questions via email (which is available for players to send 24 hours a day), with a member of the support team quickly replying within operational hours.

This customer service team is dedicated to Ontario, so you have access to specialist Canadian poker customer service agents.

888poker Ontario Security 

Canadian online poker sites are held to a very high-security standard, that goes double in Ontario where they are regulated in-province. Players at 888poker Ontario can rest assured that the safety of their funds and data is the site’s top priority. 

888poker Ontario uses a trusted random number generator (RNG), which is rigorously tested in-house. Players are also provided with an easy-to-use and access log of their game results via their preferred device or customer support.

The company has also retained the services of internationally respected and distinguished auditors to review payouts and funds.

888poker Ontario also makes your piece of mind a top priority regarding adware, spyware, and malware. Encryption technology is used to ensure players’ personal information is kept safe and that the software stays safe and secure to download and play at all times.

888poker Ontario Player Resources 

888poker Ontario is committed to responsible gaming and ensuring players’ experiences remain fun and safe regarding their money. The site recognizes that compulsive gambling is an issue and has several measures in place to keep your experience at 888poker Ontario a positive one.

Tools are provided on the cashier page of your account to set loss and deposit limits. You can also request to adjust these at any time by contacting a member of their support team.

Deposit limits will also apply to 888sport.ca and 888casino.ca.

If you wish to take a break from playing and suspend the use of your account, you can request self-exclusion for any amount of time you choose.

Full details of 888poker Ontario’s responsible gaming policies are always just a couple of clicks away through your account tab and the ‘responsible gaming’ sub-header in the game client.

Withdrawals and Deposits 888poker Ontario

Once you’ve decided to play for real money at 888poker Ontario, there are many quick and easy options to get you into the action, including Interac, Visa, MasterCard, Paysafecard, and Apple Pay on IOS mobile.

888poker Ontario uses the most advanced security and encryption technology available to ensure that players’ transactions and financial information are completely secure.

About 888poker Ontario General Overview

888poker could not wait to offer its services to Ontario residents and was one of the first major online poker sites to launch in the Canadian province. 888poker opened its doors to Ontario's poker-loving players on April 7, 2022, when new laws came into play regarding online poker in Ontario.

888poker is a name Ontarians can trust. Not only has this online poker site been in business since 1997, but it is backed by 888 Holdings, a massive, global gaming company that is listed on the London Stock Exchange. It was no surprise when iGaming Ontario granted 888 a license to operate online poker, sports betting, and casino games; the company is one of the most trusted in the industry.

The company has a reputation for being recreational player friendly , and, as such, its cash games and multi-table tournaments tend to be softer than its rivals. That is not to say 888poker is not for serious poker players, but you may find the games on offer at 888poker Ontario are frequented by more recreational players than professional grinders.

Owner/Operator888 Holdings PLC
Software Provider888 Holdings
Areas of OperationOntario, Canada
Licensed byGovernment of Gibraltar and Gibraltar Gambling Commission
Regulated byiGaming Ontario
GamesTexas Hold ‘em poker, Omaha poker
Software SupportPh: 1 833 677-8890 Email: [email protected]


  • Regular cash game traffic at several stakes
  • Multiple daily freerolls and wide variety of promotions
  • A superb tournament schedule for all bankroll sizes
  • Exciting "Blast" jackpot Sit & Go games
  • Recreational player-friendly environment.
  • Softer middle and higher stakes games than rest of the world sites
  • Only Ontario online poker site to offer Mystery Bounty tournaments


  • Only available in Ontario
  • Only Hold’em and Omaha spread
  • VIP scheme geared towards high-volume players
  • Traffic during daytime hours is limited

Any mention and/or description of Bonuses, Rewards and Promotions on this site are for general information purposes only and are not available to users based in Ontario.

VIP Schemes

888poker Ontario rewards its customers for its loyalty via the 888Club. Players earn points as they play real money cash games, place sports bets, or wager on the super fun casino games. The more points they earn, the higher the level they reach. Each time they move up a level, 888poker awards a bag of gold tokens, and those gold tokens can be redeemed for cool prizes, cash and other goodies to its Ontario based players.

Check out everything you need to know about the 888Club via its dedicated section in your 888poker Ontario account.


Desktop software review

The 888poker Ontario software is surprisingly easy to use despite it being crammed with features to make your playing experience at the site the best it can be.

The tables are bright and free of clutter, and it is possible to choose an avatar to represent you at the tables. Will you use one of the preset avatars or upload one of your own?

All the features you would expect from a major online poker site are present and correct at 888poker Ontario. If you play cash games you can have the software automatically top up your stacks once they dwindle under a certain amount, while tournament players can get the software to auto-rebuy for them, which is particularly useful if you play multiple tables.

All the relevant key information is within easy reach without making the tables cluttered. It is easy to see 888's 25 years of experience in the online poker world.

App review

888poker’s cash games and tournaments are available on the mobile app, as is a full suite of casino games and 888’s sportsbook in addition to the online poker room! There is both an Android and iOS dedicated app available via their relevant stores.

You can enjoy 888poker on your Android, iPhone, or iPad so long as you have WiFi or a mobile internet signal. The mobile app allows you to play real money poker games, SNG tournaments, and multi-table poker tournaments while you’re on the move.

Some of the 888 Poker mobile app features include:

  • A large player pool of opponents
  • A selection of fun and exciting avatars to choose from
  • A "Quick-click" lobby that makes it simple to be seated at your favorite games
  • A wide range of slots, tournaments, and table games

Can I Play 888poker in Canada?

Online poker's legality in Canada is a nuanced matter. While the Criminal Code doesn't specifically address online gambling, it's generally considered legal for players. As a result, many players use international poker sites that Canada has access to.

Provinces have the autonomy to regulate their gaming environments. Many players in Canada enjoy online poker without issues. However, regulations can vary, so players should be aware of their province's stance and follow local laws when participating in online poker activities.

Canadian players can enjoy 888poker's offerings, but there's a distinction based on location.

In Ontario, players are in a closed-off pool, meaning they can only compete against other players within the province due to local regulations.

However, players can access Canada poker sites through the global player pool, interacting with participants from around the world. This allows them to experience 888poker's international community and various game options. It's important for players to be aware of their regional regulations and 888poker's policies to ensure they're participating in accordance with local laws and site rules.

Room Info

  • Owner/operator: 888 Holdings PLC
  • Software provider: 888 Holdings
  • Company headquarters: Gibraltar
  • Game server location: Gibraltar
  • Licensed by: Government of Gibraltar and Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner

Software Support

Support e-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +44 203 795 5020

Deposit and Withdrawal

Operator Deposit Withdrawal
Skrill Skrill
1-2 days
ecoPayz ecoPayz
1-7 days
1-2 days
1-5 days
MasterCard MasterCard
1-3 days
Citadel Citadel
1-7 days
FirePay FirePay
1-7 days
Wire Transfer Wire Transfer
4-7 days
Switch Switch
1-7 days
Check Check
1-7 days
Diners Club Diners Club
1-7 days
Paysafecard Paysafecard
1-2 days
Solo Solo
1-7 days
echeck echeck
1-7 days
WebMoney WebMoney
1-7 days
Яндекс.Деньги Яндекс.Деньги
1-7 days
Maestro Maestro
1-7 days
ClickandBuy ClickandBuy
1-7 days
PayPal PayPal
1-2 days
EntroPay EntroPay
1-7 days
Instadebit Instadebit
1-7 days
iDeal iDeal
1-7 days
Trustly Trustly
1-7 days
Cash Transfer Cash Transfer
1-7 days
1-7 days
Sofort Sofort
1-7 days
Fundsend Fundsend
1-7 days
Boleto Boleto
Credit Card Credit Card
1-7 days


  • English English

Additional info

888poker Ontario FAQs

Is 888poker legal in Ontario?

Yes, 888poker is legal in Ontario, so long as you download the 888poker Ontario-specific client. All other versions of 888poker will not work within the borders of the province of Ontario.

Can I play 888poker in Canada?

Outside of the province of Ontario, Canadian poker players play on the worldwide 888poker client but not on the Ontario-specific client.

How can I play at 888poker now?

If you are inside the province of Ontario, visit 888poker.ca and click on the provided download links. For access to online poker elsewhere in Canada you will need the international 888poker client.

Does 888poker Ontario have instant play?

Once you have downloaded the client and provided some personal information to set up your account, you’ll be good to go. To play for real money, you must deposit funds via a quick process on the client’s cashier page.

What are the best freerolls on 888poker Ontario?

888poker Ontario runs several freerolls daily with various prizes, including satellite and tournament tickets. Additional freerolls are available for depositors, and there are also $5,000 guaranteed monthly freerolls for select real money players.

How do I download 888poker Ontario?

Visit 888poker.ca and click on the provided download links.