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Famous Gamblers, Poker History, and Texas Stories

Famous Gamblers, Poker History, and Texas Stories

Author: Johnny Hughes

Year: Aug 2012

Print house: iUniverse


This book tells a well-researched, history of America through the fascinating, larger-than-life, biographies of colorful gamblers, some famous, some not so famous: Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson, Poker Alice, Lottie Deno, Nick the Greek, Johnny Moss, Benny Binion, Titanic Thompson, Arnold Rothstein, Minnesota Fats, Amarillo Slim, and so much more. The book has biography, cultural history, short stories, memoir, wisdom, philosophy, and psychology. This book is written to inform, but more importantly, to entertain! As Benny Binion said, "I'll tell you the truth, but I won't tell you everything."