Mastering Pot-Limit Omaha: The Modern Aggressive Approach

Mastering Pot-Limit Omaha: The Modern Aggressive Approach

Author: Herbert Okolowitz, Wladimir Taschner

Year: Oct 2014

Print house: D&B Poker


Most PLO books advocate a highly conservative game-plan – this style is outdated and will get you crushed in today’s games.

Mastering PLO is different. It is a unique and remarkable book and will teach you a whole new approach to the game.

Mastering PLO:

* teaches you an aggressive style
* provides you with clear guidelines on how to develop your game-plan and adjust to your opponents
* teaches you how to analyse board textures – the key to success in PLO

Herbert Okolowitz (Huck3be1n) and Wladimir Taschner (Insyder19) are professional poker players, PLO experts and sought-after coaches on They will explain in detail:

* pre-flop hand selection and pre-flop hand dynamics – including analysis of wide 3- and 4-bet ranges and the theory behind optimal bet-sizing.
* how to use equity shifts on turn and river to your advantage and how to bluff correctly.
* How to understand the game better and develop a holistic view of the play: connecting preflop decisions to action on later streets.

Plus much more…

A clear game-plan and the right mind-set will improve your win-rate tremendously and give you the edge against your opponents.

Mastering PLO will give you that edge!