Lazyman's Guide to the Best Blackjack Sites (US Version)

Best Blackjack Sites

Finding the best blackjack site that offers problem-free withdrawals on your deposit can be quite difficult.

Especially if you are lazy.

With so many online casino operators in the industry today, it’s hard to find out which ones offer the best terms for new players as well as the best possible bonus offers to play blackjack.

Oh, and hold an international gambling license, too.

Why does it need to be so hard, really?

That's why I worked very hard to put together this Lazyman's Guide to the top online blackjack sites on the market today.

Can a quick two-minute read help you narrow down the choices and find the best blackjack sites to play in 2018 in fifteen scrolls?

Lazyman's Guide to the Best Blackjack Sites (US Version) 101

Of course it can!

The best part?

None of the sites you find on this article features only blackjack games.

From online Slots to online Poker, each option gives you access to a lot of other great games too.

Some sites (the first two ) are great because they offer supersized no deposit bonuses to get started.

Try both of them, claim all the bonus money they offer, and use it to perfection your blackjack strategy.

Then, turn to the last option on the list. Once you have learned the best way to play each blackjack hand get yourself a free account at WinFun and use their gamified / perpetual cashback promotion to unlock the best of the best.

Are You Ready for Some Blackjack Action?

One more thing:

All the blackjack sites you find on this page are 100 percent legal in the United States.

We might not be the UIGEA's strongest supporters, but we believe gambling should be fair and secure.

That's why we include only reputable gambling sites that we know will treat you the way you deserve.

So - let's get started:

Blackjack Site Welcome Bonus Activation Link
Huuuge Casino 10M Free Credits Visit Site
Billionaire Casino 10M Free Credits Visit Site
WinFun 50K Free Credits Visit Site

Go Big or Go Home at Huuuge Casino

Huuuge Casino

Welcome to the top social casino available to US players this year.

With an impressive number of games on tap, Huuuge Casino is an excellent place for high-quality blackjack games.

And for a lot more too, actually.

That's because Huuuge's sleek Casino App gives you access to super-classy versions of all the casino classics - blackjack included - and to some of the most exciting Slots you can play online today.

And with a new player's package like theirs, it's hard not to play a game or two (hundreds) there.


Because every new player gets 1,000,000 free coins with no deposit needed. The offer is available via this special page.

The instructions are pretty straightforward and you can simplify the whole bonus-grabbing process if you decide to sign up through Facebook.

Unless you don't care about a million free credits. Because if you need to spend money to get a kick - Huuuge is not the right casino for you.


Can You Turn a Million into a Billion?

Billionaire Casino

Next up: Billionaire Casino

I won't hide it: it will not take you more than five minutes of play realize how similar this site is to Huuuge Casino.

There's a reason for it:

Both Huuuge and Billionaire Casino belong to Huuuge Global, the world's fastest growing and most innovative developer in Social Gaming.

In poker terms, it's a skin.

The games are nearly the same on both apps and so are the rewards programs, the daily freebies and, most importantly, the limits of the blackjack games.

So, why did I include Billionaire Casino on this list if it's almost a carbon-copy of Huuuge Casino?

Because they give you 1,000,000 no deposit free credits, too.

On top of Huuuge's ones.

Unless you find the idea of 1,000,000 free credits outrageous (in a negative way), grab the bonus until it's there and use it to play blackjack until you won't have any strength left to hit or stand.

The 1 million bonus is available via this page. Sign up via this page to activate the offer, connect your social account to Billionaire's - and let your first million be the beginning of a much richer adventure!

VISIT Billionaire CASINO!

Go Vegas-Style with the WinFun Casino App

Win Fun

Now that you have used your whole two millions in free credits to become a better blackjack player, it's time to find a place where you can build a true long-term blackjack empire.

That's WinFun Casino.

The last casino app on this list is an interesting option to consider if you are into the Vegas style of doing gambling.

Minus the strippers.

Rated 9/10 by the online casino guide PokerNews, WinFun features more than 80 Vegas Slots and some of the most exciting blackjack (and roulette) games you can find at US online casinos.

Why is this a 'long-term' commitment?

Differently from most gambling sites, WinFun invested a lot on the gamification of their platform.

And that's a good thing.

Rather than giving you a mind-blowing signup bonus, they give you 'only' 50,000 free credits (you can request the bonus here).

With no deposit needed, obviously.

Cashing the bonus is just the beginning of a long and exciting adventure where every blackjack hand you play is in preparation for the next one.

Because the more you play, the faster you climb the ladder of WinFun's Loyalty Programme.

And every time you access a new level you get access to greater bonuses…and to more games too!

In other words:

If you want to access all the blackjack tables featured on this casino app, you need to earn them.

It's almost like a permanent cashback promotion where every wager you place contributes to the goal. Even when the cards don't go your way and you don't win.


Play Smart, Don't Make Mistakes

Remember: the purpose of this Lazyman's guide is to give you all the info you need to play blackjack articles online in a quick and easy-digestible reading.

That's because we are all lazy readers, sometimes.

Just, make sure you are not a lazy blackjack player.

Winning at blackjack requires focus, efforts, and the right preparation.

If you are new to the game or you would like to brush-up your skills, I have a few readings for you.

This guide to bankroll management is not dedicated specifically to blackjack but is a great resource to learn more about the importance of using your money the right way.

Then, obviously, there's also a fair bit of strategy you need to learn.

This short article on how to win at blackjack offers you a good overview of the game's basic strategy - but, if you want something more, here's a step-by-step approach you can take to become a (much) better player.

The promotion presented on this page was available at the time of writing. With some Casino promotions changing on daily basis, we suggest you to check on the site if it still available. Also, please do not forget to read the terms and conditions in full before you accept a bonus.
  • Learn how to play the best blackjack games in the US in 15 scrolls (or less).

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