Age of the Gods Slots: Play Now with a Bonus

age of the gods slot

  • Play in a beautifully designed and powerfully narrated Ancient Greek setting.
  • Experience the power held by Greek gods with thrilling bonuses and special features - may they bring you good fortune!
  • Embark on your epic journey with tailored games for all of the most classic mythical stories

It's a well-known saying that you shouldn't play with the gods! However, don't worry, the gods are there to help you in this Greek Mythology-themed video slot saga!

Carefully designed by leading slot developer Playtech, the Age of the Gods range of slots are endlessly entertaining.

All the Age of the Gods Slot machines are full of bonuses, all based around legendary stories from the most powerful Ancient Greek gods and demi-gods.

Our favorite deities and Ancient Greek figures appear throughout this series, and they are more powerful than ever as they help you on your online slots journey.

Age of the Gods slot games are exciting, captivating, packed with features, and boast an incredible slot theme.

All slots link to mystery progressive jackpots where every spin could be the lucky one to hit the top win. Greek gods have power over the future of all humanity. Will they treat you well?

In this article, we'll give you:

How to Play Age of the Gods Slot Games

Enjoy the countless settings of this dramatic saga and explore your favorite myths. As you play on their home turf, these gods will bring bountiful rewards to you.

The gods in the game use their power to offer you exclusive bonuses and unique offerings.

There are some basics to the gameplay of the Age of the Gods. Each of our favorite characters has their title in this saga, and with them, they bring their rewards.

Age of the Gods Slots - Special Features & Bonuses

There are so many unique features in each title in this saga, but a common theme runs through them.

No matter what god is ruling over your reel, you will want to look out for these three incredible gifts from the gods.

  • Mythical Wilds - These can replace any other symbols on your reel except for scatters.
  • Fated Scatters - Scatter symbols reveal free spins and unlock other exciting bonuses.
  • Legendary Progressive Jackpots - The Age of Gods features special progressive jackpots. Four total jackpots are triggered at random. You are shown 20 gold coins on the screen, and you select them to reveal a jackpot amount. If you match three with the same color, you will win that amount!

There are four legendary progressive jackpots to be won: Power, Extra Power, Super Power, and Ultimate Power.

The Jackpot game is a 4x5 grid with 20 coins that hide different jackpot symbols.

When you reveal three matching symbols, you automatically win one of the jackpots. The game has a timer, so you will be rewarded even if you have a slow reaction time.

The reels are all designed with an aesthetically pleasing and well-designed slot layout. The many characters in these games each bring fun with their unique powers.

Where to Play Age of the Gods Slots

Now we've discussed how to play Age of the Gods and looked at some of the incredible special features and bonuses, let's now turn our attention to the best places to play this terrific slots series. Naturally, the best online casino and the bonuses & promotions available will vary depending on location. Therefore, let's view the best options by location now.

For US players seeking an exceptional online casino experience, look no further than FanDuel Casino, one of the top brands in the United States. They offer an impressive selection of Age of the Gods slots, along with a user-friendly interface and enticing promotions. It's the top pick for American casino enthusiasts and features slot machines from tons of renowned developers.

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Attention, UK players! If you're in search of Age of the Gods slots, 888casino is the prime choice for players in your region. Their extensive catalog includes a wide range of slots and casino table games, including these epic Ancient Greek slots. With generous bonuses and a solid reputation, it's a winning destination for both newcomers and experienced casino players.

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For players in the Canadian province of Ontario, Jackpot City Ontario Casino stands out as the top choice. This casino provides an immersive slots experience with an extensive collection of Age of the Gods slots. Boasting an impressive collection of Age of the Gods slots, Jackpot City Ontario offers a seamless casino experience on its website and dedicated app.

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PartyCasino is an online casino that knows how to throw the ultimate party, making it a favorite for players around the world. They offer a diverse selection of slots (including some terrific Age of the Gods slots), a lively atmosphere, enticing bonuses, and a fantastic array of games. It's a true celebration for players everywhere.

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The Best Age of the Gods Slot Games

Being such a popular slot game franchise, the Age of the Gods brand and slot theme are now used across dozens of epic slot games. Here at PokerNews, we've chosen our favorite games from the series, which we'd recommend players try out if they want to play this Ancient Greek thriller.

The most popular games part of the Age of the Gods Slots saga are:

*Please note RTP refers to Return-to-Player. You can find out more about RTP here.

Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas

Based on the famous legend of a King who turned all that he touched into gold, he was rewarded by the god of wine, Dionysus, for hosting the satyr Silenus.

Dionysus gave him one wish. The king asked that everything he touched turned to gold.

In his title game, released in late 2018, Mighty Midas and other characters from the myth can bring you luck.

With a 96.34% RTP, it will feel like you inherited the Midas touch.

Midas is by far the most rewarding. If Midas appears like 5 of a kind, he will provide a jackpot of over 500x your bet.

The other characters in the story are worth looking out for.

The partygoer will pay 25-400x for anywhere from three to five of a kind. The satyr Silenus, the honoured guest, will offer 20-300x.

The fated daughter of Midas will shell out 15-200x wins when she appears. Dionysus, the god of wine, provides less, paying 10-150x on your bets.

This video slot is played on the standard set of 3x5 reels with 40 fixed paylines. Character symbols can appear stacked and may even cover two reel positions at once.

mighty midas slot game

The Midas Touch

King Midas' gift (or curse) can come in handy throughout this gameplay. He can turn symbols into wilds.

If the golden hand appears on reels three, four, or five, it will point to the symbol on its left.

Anytime the symbol appears elsewhere, it will turn into a golden wild.

If the Midas Touch symbol appears next to a golden wild, it will become a 2x golden wild equipped with added multipliers.

There are five other features included in this video slot that occurs if you hit the multi-colored scatter on the first and fifth reel.

These are known as the gem bonuses. There is one for an emerald, amber, ruby and amethyst.

The Emerald bonus awards a prize multiplier and real cash.

The Ruby spins take advantage of the golden wilds. When a golden wild appears, it becomes a multiplier wild anywhere from 5x to 25x. For amber, one symbol is chosen to become a golden wild.

Up to 65 extra wilds will show up if you hit Sapphire. For amethyst, all of your Midas Touch Symbols will appear in double stacks. Four progressive jackpots can be won at random.

Play Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas

Age of the Gods: Medusa & Monsters

Once there was a beautiful maiden. She got seduced by a god in the wrong place.

The angry goddess, Athena, punished her and turned her hair into snakes. Or maybe she was just born that way?

Ah, Medusa, a mythical, magical, malicious, and monstrous beauty. Everything she looks at turns to stone.

In this game, released by Playtech in 2016, you are on a rocky beach with the Gorgon and her head full of snakes. Oddly enough, she is going to bring you some luck.

The RPT in Monsters and Medusas is 96.09%. It is a 6-7-6-7-6-7 game with 164 ways to win.

There are five categories of symbols: low-value, medium, premium and wilds.

The low-value are blue, green, red and diamond gemstones. Medium is a helmet, dagger, and warship.

The goddess Aphrodite and the mighty minotaur, Cebrus are premium.

Medusa is a wild symbol; she covers the entire reel when she appears. She may be on any reel, and you'll want to make sure you will see her.

Look out for ancient warships; the scatters in this game. Scatters will only appear on reels two, four, or six.

age of the gods medusa and monsters

The Medusa Gaze

If you land on scatters in reel two, four, and six, you will be rewarded. You will be given three armour shields and can choose which one to use.

By doing so, you will reveal one of three premium symbols to be petrified by Medusa in the bonus round.

With the Medusa Gaze feature, you can trigger the magic of free games with just one spin.

Anytime your chosen symbol appears, Medusa will petrify it and turn it to stone.

The token will stay locked on the reels until the Medusa symbol hits it or they meet other symbols for the winning combo.

The spinning round ends as soon as the wild hits the first reel.

Play Age of the Gods: Medusa & Monsters

Age of the Gods: Furious 4

The 2016 release, the Furious 4, is a slot with five reels and 20 lines.

On Autoplay, you can spin the wheels up to 999 times. On Turbo mode the reels turn even faster. Furious 4 are more generous than they may seem.

The RTP is 94.88%, and there are many wild, scatters, and other excellent bonuses tailored for the gods.

The Golden Ring is the wild, which will substitute any other symbols except for the Golden Throne, which is the scatter.

If you get three or more Scatters anywhere on the reels, you activate the Free Game feature.

The furious four that you want to keep an eye on are Apollo, Pandora, Prometheus, and Atlas.

When any of these gods covers the entire third reel, they will activate their unique free spins feature.

age of the gods furious 4

The Age of Light

When Apollo appears on the reels, he activates the Age of Light, and you will receive four free spins.

The Age of Curiosity

Pandora activates a cash prize equal to your total bet, which is known as the Age of Curiosity. Every time Pandora appears, the multiplier increases by 1x.

The total amount won from the free spins is multiplied by the win multiplier at the end of the round.

The Age of Fire

When you reel in Prometheus, The Age of Fire occurs. When this symbol fills the entire middle reel, 4 free spins are activated.

The other four reels may have Prometheus symbols appear to increase the chances of winning.

The Age of Endurance

The fourth god, Atlas, covers the third reel and triggers three free spins.

Atlas can substitute all of the symbols other than the Wild and the Golden Throne (Scatter). The symbol freezes on the reels for the remainder of your free spins.

Play Age of the Gods: Furious 4

Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters

This is the sixth game released in the Age of the Gods Slots franchise and it is based on themyth of the Moirae, known as the “fates”.

The fates are three sisters: Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, and they control the three great threads of life.

The Greeks said that Clotho was responsible for spinning the thread of life.

Lachesis measures the length of the thread. Atropos is the one who would cut the thread and end life. This is the intriguing theme of this Age of Gods game.

Each of the three sisters has their dedicated setting, which is appropriately a Temple with their individual bonus rounds. The reels exist on an ancient backdrop with high columns.

The three sisters will offer you the highest rewards, which is followed by an icon that is uniquely tailored to their specific magic.

The maximum play lines is 25, and you can decrease that amount.

There is one wild in the base game that is a coin with the image of the fates. The feature rounds are triggered by three scatters and they give you a choice of which temple to play in.

age of the gods fate sisters

The Temples of the Three Sisters

The wild feature games take place in the temples of Lachesis and Clotho.

In Lachesis' zone, you are granted ten free spins each with frozen wilds. After three spins, if a wild appears, the process will refresh.

In Clotho's game, you will start with only eight spins, but it is more rewarding. There are an extra three wilds and more that are triggered when her image appears.

Atropos' temple does not incorporate any wilds. Instead, you start with fifteen free spins.

The starting amount is anywhere from 2x-5x. Each time the sister appears on a reel, the amount increases by one.

If she does not show, the amount will decrease. If she slots into the middle, you are granted three extra spins.

This slot has an RTP of 92.95% with a maximum bet of 25,000 coins.

The sisters are generous with their gifts and the wilds in this game offer up to 10,000 coins for five of a kind.

If your fate is threaded well, you may run into one of the four progressive jackpots. These could randomly occur after any spin, adding to the excitement of the gameplay.

Play Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters

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