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Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little is a professional poker player and author with over $6,900,000 in live tournament earnings. He writes a weekly educational blog and hosts a podcast at JonathanLittlePoker.com. You can follow him on Twitter @JonathanLittle.

Jonathan Little Articles

2021 July
What is Negreanu’s Mystery Hand in this High Stakes Duel Hand Against Hellmuth?
Negreanu and Hellmuth Engage in Crazy River Action in High Stakes Duel Hand
Hellmuth Makes Brilliant Read Against Negreanu in the High Stakes Duel
Was Phil Hellmuth a GTO Robot Against Negreanu in the High Stakes Duel?
Jonathan Little on How Hellmuth Shocked Negreanu in this High Stakes Duel Hand
Jonathan Little Breaks Down High Stakes Duel – Can Hellmuth Get Paid by Negreanu?
To Bluff or Not to Bluff? – Huge Spot on the River with Just 6-High
Jonathan Little on How Phil Ivey Crushed in a €100K Poker Tournament
Headed for Disaster? Phil Laak Runs Crazy Bluff Against Dan “Jungleman” Cates
Trying to Bluff Kristen Bicknell? Good Luck, Rainer Kempe!
Jonathan Little Examines the Insane Bet Igor Kurganov Faced Against Kahle Burns
Jonathan Little Uses Solver to Examine Classic Isildur Bluff-Catching Hand
Jonathan Little Examines João Simao’s Huge BLUFF with just Eight High
Jonathan Little on How Charlie Carrel Tried to BLUFF a BILLIONAIRE!
Patrik Antonius Leaves Tony G Steaming in This Poker Hand
Could You Make This Flush-Over-Flush Fold Against Phil Ivey?
Jonathan Little on How to Proceed After Flopping a Set in WSOP Main Event
Jonathan Little on Putting the Pressure on Timid Opponents
Jonathan Little on Extracting Full Value from Strong Marginal Made Hands
Jonathan Little Explains Why He Folded Top Two Pair on the Flop
Did a Player Make a $50,000 Mistake in the 2020 WSOP Main Event?
Jonathan Little Breaks Down 2020 WSOP Main Event Final Hand Between Salas & Botteon
Jonathan Little on Why Sometimes You Have to Fold Strong Bluff Catchers
2020 December
Jonathan Little on How to Bluff Straightforward Players in Small Cash Games
Salas vs. Botteon: Breaking Down Huge Pot Between WSOP Main Event Chip Leaders
Jonathan Little on Adapting a Tournament Triple Barrel Bluff to Cash Game Play
Jonathan Little on When You Should Go for a Check-Raise Holding the Nuts on the River
What Did I Do Facing a 3x-Pot River Bet in a $25/$50 NLH Cash Game?
Jonathan Little Explains When It’s a Good Time to Fold Good Draws
Jonathan Little Gets Raised All-In on the River in the WSOP Main Event
Jonathan Little Asks What Might a Donk Lead Mean in the WSOP Main Event?
Jonathan Little Capitalizes Off a BIG Mistake by the Final Table Chip Leader
Jonathan Little on Blind-Versus-Blind Play Deep in a Big Tournament
Jonathan Little on How to Play a Marginal Made Poker Hand
Playing a Draw Multiway Can Be a Really Tough Spot
Do You Continue Value Betting or Go for Cheap Showdown When Turn Completes Flush Draw?
Jonathan Little on Going for a Small, Large, or Gigantic Bet on the River
What Do You Do w/ a Flush Draw in Multi-Way Pot Short-Stacked in WSOP Main Event?
Seems Risky: A Three-Barrel Bluff for Your Entire Stack in WSOP Main Event
How Does Jonathan Little Deal with Donk Bets in the WSOP Main Event?
Flopping Two Pair But Facing a Turn Shove – Do You Call Off for Your Tournament Life?
How to Play the Nut Flush Draw on a Monotone Board
Do You Value Bet the Turn or Check Hoping to Get to Showdown?
Facing a River Overbet for My Tournament Life: Call or Fold?
Jonathan Little's Weekly Poker Hand: LLinusLove vs. Jungleman's Triple-Barrel Bluff
Recognizing the Perfect Turn Card to Keep Bluffing
Jonathan Little's Weekly Poker Hand: Ike Haxton Gets Value on River
Tough River Decision With Middle Pair
Jonathan Little's Weekly Poker Hand: Tough Spot Against PokerSnowie
Hand Analysis: Call or Fold With Pocket Tens Versus a Preflop Shove?
5 Tips to Crush Weak, Passive Players!
Size Your Bets to Earn Maximum Value With Strong Hands
Jonathan Little's Weekly Poker Hand: Fold Two Pair to River Overbet?
2019 December
Barrel Twice, Then River Top Pair: Go for Value or Check Behind?
Big River Bluff Deep in the WPT Borgata Main Event
Pocket Queens on the Last Hand of the Day
Going for Value: Hitting Trips After Having Raised Limpers
Jonathan Little's Weekly Poker Hand: Facing River Raise With Second Nuts
Hand Analysis: Turning the Nuts, Then Villain Leads River
When and How Much to 3-Bet From Out of Position
Hand Analysis: Facing a Triple-Barrel With Top Pair, Bad Kicker
Bluffing a Four-Flush River in the WPT Borgata Main Event
Hand Analysis: Terrible River for a Set
Losing the Minimum With Top Pair
Playing Top Pair Versus a Loose-Aggressive Opponent
When and How Much to Continuation Bet
How to Induce Bluffs Against a Loose-Aggressive Opponent
How to Play King-High on the River
Rivering Trip Aces on the Bubble
How to Think in Terms of Ranges
Call or Fold: Facing an All-In on the Bubble
Turn Bluff Leads to a Tough River Spot
Playing an Overpair When Facing Multi-Way Action on the Flop
How to Play Ace-King Postflop
Dealing With a Short Stack All-In in a Small Stakes WSOP Event
The Right Way to Play an Underpair
How to Play Marginal Hands in Poker
How to Play Pocket Aces Postflop With a Tricky River
Fun Spot Near the Bubble in a WSOP $1K Event
How to Play When a Flopped Flush Turns Into a Marginal Made Hand
Going for Max Value With an Overpair
How to Play from the Small Blind Against a LAG
WSOP Tournament Hand Analysis: Folding Ace-Queen Preflop?
Hand Review: Bottom Pair is Not a Premium Hand
How to Play Top Pair in a Three-Bet Pot
Using Bottom Pair & Draw to Overbet Shove on the Turn
Facing Small Bets With a Junky Hand
Getting Punished for Defending Junk in the Big Blind
Call or Fold to a River Bet With Pocket Aces?
Playing Top Set in a Three-Bet Pot
Bluff Catching With Only an Underpair
The Ultimate WSOP Bundle From Jonathan Little
The Danger of Overplaying Decent Hands Against Stronger Ranges
Flopping Top Set in a Multi-Way Pot: How to Extract Value?
Flopping Trips Blind Versus Blind
Top Pair Facing Three Small Bets From a Tight Opponent
The #1 Mindset Flaw in Poker Players
Slow Playing Aces at the Final Table of a WSOP Event
Flopping Top Pair Plus a Flush Draw and Getting Check-Raised
Rivering a Full House, But Still Showing Caution
Playing a Flush Draw Slowly in a Multi-Way Pot
Triple-Barrel Bluffing on the First Hand in a Shootout
Tough Spot With Top Pair, Bad Kicker
Continuation Bet or Check Behind with Overpair on a Coordinated Board?
Which Type of Poker Player are You?
How to Respond When Facing a 'Misclick' Minimum Reraise
Bet or Check With Pair Plus Flush Draw in a Multi-Way Pot?
Turning the Nuts and Facing a Bet: Call or Raise?
Going for Thin Value With Second Pair on a Scary Board
Bluffing From Out of Position With a Junky Draw
Flopping the Nut Flush Draw Against a Tight-Aggressive Opponent
Hand Analysis: Facing a Tricky Spot With Top Pair
Responding to an Opponent's Small Postflop Bets After Making a Strong Hand
2018 December
Flopping a Set in a Four-Way, Reraised Pot
Pocket Jacks in a Four-Way Pot in a $10,000 Buy-In Event
Getting Raised on the Turn While Holding Pocket Aces
Big Blind Special: Flopping Two Pair and Extracting Value
Getting Maximum Value From the Nuts
Playing Ace-King for Big Pots in Tournaments
A Postflop Challenge: Trying to Get Value After Turning the Nuts
Tough Spot With Two Pair on a Monotone Board
Having Only a Flush and Facing a River Check-Raise All-In
Jonathan Little Faces a Casual 2.7x River Pot Bet in $25/$50 Cash Game
Facing a Raise With a Straight Draw
Heads-Up on the River With a Straight on the Board
When a Junky Flush Draw Becomes a Marginal Made Hand
Poker Coaching With Jonathan Little: Triple-Barrel Bluffing
A Royal Flush Draw That Doesn't Get There: Bluff River or Give Up?
A Common Postflop Spot With Middle Pair
Learning When to Bluff With Nothing
Controlling the Pot With Top Pair, Bad Kicker
Making the Effective Nuts with Ace-King... and Getting Raised!
Playing Pocket Queens in a Four-Way Pot
Playing Cautiously in Position With Top Pair
Jonathan Little Tries to Trap Chris Moneymaker
Slow Playing Pocket Queens on a Scary Board
Value Betting on a Four-Straight Board
Playing Ace-Rag From Out of Position
Bluff Catching With Ace-High
Getting Frisky With a Junky Poker Hand
Call or Fold? Jonathan Little Turns Top Pair But Faces River Aggression
Limp-Reraising From the Small Blind Against a GTO Opponent
Flopping Trips Versus an Aggressive Mike Leah
The Only Way to Play a Bluff Catcher
More Check-Raising With a Gutshot Plus Overcards
Slow Playing Top Two Pair on an Uncoordinated Board
Check-Raising the Flop With a Gutshot and Overcard
Jonathan Little Clicks Some Buttons in a Battle of the Blinds
Postflop Strategy: Playing from Out of Position With Top Pair
Jonathan Little Plays a Draw Passively From Out of Position
How to Play Trips in No-Limit Hold'em
Getting Lots of Money in With Pocket Aces
Trying to Isolate a Short Stack Preflop With Pocket Sixes
Playing Middle Pair Cautiously, Then Seeking Value With Backdoor Flush
Flopping a Bad Gutshot from Out of Position vs. Dan Kelly
Bluffing, Then Value Betting, Then Bluff Catching
Playing Cautiously With Pocket Queens
Set Mining and Sizing Bets for Value
Limping From the Small Blind Then Flopping a Draw
Poker Coaching with Jonathan Little: Playing Middle Suited Connectors
Flop a Set, Check-Raised All In on the River. What Would You Do?
Playing Pocket Kings Following a Tricky Flop
Jonathan Little Makes a Hero Call With Pocket Deuces
Playing a Flush Draw Aggressively From Out of Position
Poker Coaching with Jonathan Little: Flopping Top and Bottom Pair
Ace-King Suited: Easy Call for 30 Big Blinds?
Bluffing With Nothing: Barrel Again or Give Up?
2017 December
Playing a Flush on a Paired Board
Jonathan Little Overplays Top Pair With a Flush Draw
Getting Check-Raised on the River With Only Top Pair
Jonathan Little Gets Into a Preflop Raising War with Jack Salter
Playing Trips Like a Chicken in a $5,000 WSOP Event
Getting Frisky With a Small Pocket Pair in a $5K WSOP Event
Jonathan Little Tries to Triple-Barrel Bluff Andrew Lichtenberger
Sizing Bets on the Flop and Turn to Set Up a River All-In
Jonathan Little Makes a Big River Bluff-Raise in a $5,000 WSOP Event
Calling Down Against a Splashy Opponent in a Cash Game
Playing the Player: Going for Value in a NL Cash Game
Cash Game Hand Analysis: Floating the Flop With Jack-High
Jonathan Little Attempts a Weird Bluff (in Perhaps the Worst Possible Manner)
Jonathan Little Plays Pocket Aces Cautiously in a Four-Bet Pot
When a Full House May Not Be Enough: A Tough River Decision
Jonathan Little Attempts a River Bluff-Raise in a $10/$20 Cash Game
Firing Away: Jonathan Little Attempts a Triple-Barrel Bluff
Poker Coaching with Jonathan Little: Bluff Catching
Establishing an Aggressive Image Early in Tournaments
Navigating Top Pair with a Bad Kicker Blind Versus Blind
Jonathan Little Turns Trips But Faces Significant Action
Barreling as a Bluff Postflop From Out of Position
Flopping Top Two Pair and Trying to Get Value
Poker Coaching with Jonathan Little: Playing Top Pair
Playing Pocket Kings With a Short Stack
Top Pair and a Flush Draw: Play for Stacks or Take the Cautious Route?
Jonathan Little Loses the Minimum with Pocket Jacks
How to Play Top Pair When Short-Stacked in a Tournament
Navigating Postflop With Middle Pair in a Multi-Way Pot
Jonathan Little's Top 10 Tournament Tips
Getting Frisky With Ace-Queen Versus Erik Seidel
Jonathan Little Faces a Check-Raise Holding Top Pair, Good Kicker
Use Caution or Exert Pressure? Flopping Middle Pair in a Three-Bet Pot
Rivering a Straight on a Scary Board -- Check or Bet?
Jonathan Little Splashes Around From the Button
Jonathan Little Decides to Slow Play a Set in a Three-Bet Pot
Betting for Value and Protection with Middle Pair in a Multi-Way Pot
Poker Coaching with Jonathan Little: Playing Suited Connectors
Bet Sizing and Value Betting After Flopping a Full House
Bet or Check After Top Pair Becomes Full House?
Could You Fold the Second Nuts? A Tricky River Decision
Playing a Straight on a Three-Flush, Paired Board
Defending the Big Blind Widely Versus a Small Blind Raise
Jonathan Little Flops Trips, But the Board Runs Out Poorly
The #1 Mistake Cash Game Players Make
Rivering a Straight Flush in a Multi-Way Pot
Getting Out of Line With an Underpair in a Three-Bet Pot
Leading With a Flush Draw in a Multi-Way Pot
Running a Large Semi-Bluff on the Turn
Poker Coaching with Jonathan Little: Playing Pocket Jacks
Getting All In With Ace-High on Flop Versus a Maniac
Facing Limpers in a $5 Buy-In Kitchen Table Tournament
Postflop Aggression: Facing the Dreaded Turn Check-Raise
Poker Coaching with Jonathan Little: Pocket Queens vs. Two Opponents
How to Play Pocket Aces Multi-Way on a Scary Board
How to Play Middle Pair Versus a Straighforward Opponent
How to Play Top Pair, Top Kicker on a Coordinated Board
Jonathan Little Rivers a Straight and Faces a Bet -- Raise or Call?
2016 December
Jonathan Little Flops Set But Faces Shove on Straight Board
Your Opponent Is a Maniac: How Far Do You Go With Pocket Jacks?
How Wide of a Range Do You Call All In Against a Tight Opponent?
Saving a Few Behind: Jonathan Little Makes a Not-Quite All-In River Bet
Hand Analysis: You River the Nuts -- Bet Big or Small?
Call or Fold? Jonathan Little Faces a River Check-Raise with a Full House
Three-Barreling in a No-Limit Hold'em Tournament
You River a Backdoor Straight and Face a Bet -- Raise or Call?
Should Jonathan Little Push on the River with a Flush on a Paired Board?
To Defend or Give Up? Playing Junky Hands from the Big Blind
Jonathan Little Elects to Flip for His Tournament Life at a WSOP Final Table
Jonathan Little Bets a Rivered Straight, Then Gets Raised: Call or Fold?
Jonathan Little Considers Bluffing Off 100-Big Blind Stack at a WSOP Final Table
Tricky Spot with Tens Against Dan O'Brien at a WSOP Final Table
Jonathan Little Three-Bets With a Speculative Hand and Gets Rewarded
Facing the Surprising Check-Raise Shove on the Turn: Fold or Call?
Jonathan Little Hero Calling Versus a Tight-Aggressive Player
Jonathan Little's Opponent Makes a Blunder by Calling His All-In Too Wide
Jonathan Little Combats a Maniacal Opponent's Extreme Aggression
Call or Raise? Going for Thin Value on the River
Jonathan Little on the Wrong Side of a Set-Over-Set Situation
The River Overbet: Taking an Optimistic Line in a Rare Limped Pot
Jonathan Little Attempts a Gigantic 2x-Pot River Bluff
Jonathan Little Reveals One of His Favorite Bluff Spots
Getting Out of Line: Jonathan Little Flops Nothing, Decides to Run a Bluff
Jonathan Little Flops Trip Aces That Turn Into a Bluff Catcher
Jonathan Little Turns the Nuts and Slow Plays, and Trouble Follows
How to Extract Value? Flopping Top Set in a Five-Bet Pot
Check-Raise Bluffing a Loose-Aggressive Opponent at the WSOP
Call or Shove? Jonathan Little Flops Huge in Multi-Way, Three-Bet Pot
What Not to Do: I Make a Severe Blunder in a WSOP Hand
Getting Check-Raised with Pocket Aces on a King-High Board
Value Betting the River Following a Tricky Betting Line
Jonathan Little on Getting Your Chips in With Premium Hands
How to Play (and How Not to Play) Strong Hands Postflop
Extracting Value After Turning Top Two Pair in a Multi-Way Pot
Jonathan Little Finds a Fold After a Bad River Card
Taking Advantage of Tight-Passive Short Stacks in Tournaments
Bluffing the Turn: Jonathan Little Barrels Again When Board Doesn’t Change
Tournament Hand Analysis: Protecting Your Stack vs. Maximizing Value
Responding to Weakness: When the Preflop Raiser Checks Behind on the Flop
Jonathan Little Flops a Marginal Top Pair in a Three-Bet Pot Versus Tuan Le
How to Get Full Value After Flopping a Set
Getting Full Value from the Nuts with Jonathan Little
Winning a Large Pot at the WSOP with Seven-Deuce Offsuit
How to Play Top Pair, Bad Kicker Out of Position
Choosing the Check-Raise: Extracting Full Value on the River
Playing Suited Connectors from Position with Jonathan Little