2019 World Series of Poker PokerStars APPT Jeju


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2019 June
Value Betting With Trip Aces on the River
Playing a Big Draw on the Turn vs. Two Opponents
Ace-Queen Suited in the Small Blind Facing a Three-Bet
Call or Raise the Turn Multi-Way With a Big Draw?
Top Pair on the Flop vs. a Bet and Raise
Trip Aces Versus a Straight Draw on the Turn
King-Queen Suited Multi-Way on the Flop: Semi-Bluff Shove?
Top Pair, Top Kicker With Ace-King vs. a Check-Raise
Pocket Sixes Versus a Continuation Bet: Call, Fold, or Raise?
Call or Fold With Top Pair Versus an All-In and a Call?
Two Pair Against a Possible Straight on the River: Bet or Check?
Top Pair on the River vs. an All-in Shove
Facing a Check-Raise with Top Pair: GTO vs. Exploitative Approaches
Playing Pocket Eights Preflop Against a Tight Opponent
Playing a Set of Tens Against a Tight Opponent
Flopping the Nut Flush in a Limped Pot
Pocket Queens on the Turn After a Flop Check-Raise
Missed Flop With Small Suited Connectors: Continuation Bet or Check Behind?
Pocket Kings vs. a River Bet on a Double-Paired Board
Call or Fold with Top Two Pair vs. a Possible Flush?
Playing Pocket Queens on a Nine-High Flop
Facing a Check-Raise After Flopping Top Pair With Ace-Queen
Check, Bet Small, or Shove With Top Pair on the Turn?
How to Play Pocket Jacks Preflop Versus a Three-Bet
2018 December
Call or Fold? Facing River Bet With a Set of Deuces
How to Play a Flopped Flush Draw in a Multi-Way Hand
You Decide: Call or Raise With Big Draw vs. Three Opponents?
Pocket Kings on the Flop Versus a Big Blind Leading Bet
Ace-King Suited Versus a Raise and a Call
Call or Fold After Missing the Flop With Ace-King?
How to Play Suited Connectors After Flopping a Draw in a Multi-Way Pot
Playing Ace-Jack on a Multi-Way Flop
Pocket Kings vs. a Check-Raise on an Ace-High Flop
Shallow-Stacked With Pocket Sevens Versus a Raise and Call
Playing King-Jack Suited Against a Big Opening Raise
Check-Raised After Flopping Top Pair: Call or Reraise All In?
Call, Reraise, or Move All In? Pocket Eights vs. a Short Stack Shove
Call, Fold or Reraise With Pocket Fives from the Small Blind?
Playing Pocket Aces on a Four-Way Flop
Flopped Set of Nines: Get All In on Flop or Wait?
Playing Ace-King Offsuit After Missing the Flop
How to Play King-Queen Suited Versus a Limper
Trip Eights on the River vs. a Pot-Sized Bet
Cash Game Question: Call or Go All In With Big Draw vs. Bet and Raise?
Push or Fold? Short-Stacked With Jack-Five Suited in the Small Blind
How to Play Ace-Queen Suited After a Raise and Three-Bet
Check or Bet? Whether or Not to Continue Semi-Bluffing on the Turn
Call or Fold? Facing a Turn Shove With Overpair of Pocket Kings
Facing a Minimum Check-Raise With Pocket Aces
Multi-Way Decision: Facing a Raise After Flopping Top Pair, Top Kicker
What Would You Do? Flopping Top Pair vs. a Donk Bet
Playing Pocket Queens Versus a Limp-Reraise
Call or Shove? Playing a Big Draw Versus a Bet and a Raise
Tournament Strategy: How to Play Pocket Tens With 16 Big Blinds
How to Play After Flopping a Big Draw in a Multi-Way Pot
What Do You Do With Pocket Eights on This Flop?
First Hand of the Tournament: Playing Pocket Queens vs. a Three-Bet
Call or Fold? Facing Turn Shove on Eight-High Board With Pocket Kings
Playing a Big Draw in a Multi-Way Pot
Call or Fold? Ace-King vs. a Four-Bet All-In
King-Queen Suited on a Dry Eight-High Flop: Check or Bet?
Call or Fold? Small Suited Connectors vs. a Raise and Call
Flopped Bottom Set: Slow Play or Raise?
Call or Fold With Top Pair Versus Turn Check-Raise?
Playing Pocket Nines Versus a Three-Bet
Check or Bet Your Pocket Sevens on the Flop?
Pocket Kings Versus a Flop Bet on a Monotone Board
King-Jack Under the Gun: Fold, Call, or Raise?
Playing Ace-King Versus a Three-Bet
Top Two Pair vs. Turn Flush Card: Call or Fold?
What Would You Do? Flopping Top Pair With Ace-Jack in Multi-Way Pot
Pocket Jacks on the River on a Queen-High Board: Fold, Call or Raise?
How to Play King-Jack From the Button Versus a Late Position Limp
2017 December
Pocket Queens Versus a Flop Check-Raise on a Jack-High Board
Pocket Sixes Versus an Reraise Shove: What Do You Do?
Pocket Aces on the Turn: What Do You Do Here?
Pocket Queens on an Ace-High Flop: What Do You Do Here?
King-Queen With Top Pair on the Turn: What Do You Do?
Playing Pocket Aces Versus a Check-Raise on the Flop
Ace-King vs. a Flop All-in: Fold, Call or Raise?
How to Play a Flopped Set of Tens Against a Continuation Bet
Miss Flopping Set with Pocket Pair: How to Play vs. a Continuation Bet
Pocket Sixes Versus a Reshove: Call or Fold?
What Do You Do Here? Top Pair vs. an All-In on a Paired Board
Playing Pocket Tens Versus a Raise and a Shove
How to Respond to the Small Donk Bet After You Miss the Flop
Call a River Shove or Fold Your Trip Aces?
Flopped a Double-Gutshot in a Multi-Way Pot: Call, Fold, or Raise?
Shows of Strength: The Check-Raise into a Multi-Way Pot
When to Slow Play Top Set Versus a Continuation Bet
Flopped a Draw in a Multi-Way Pot: Check or Bet?
Missed the Flop After Raising Preflop -- Continuation Bet or Not?
Hitting Top Pair in a Multi-Way Pot
Facing a River Bet After Missing Your Flush Draw
Playing Ace-King Heads-Up in a Reraised Pot After Missing the Flop
Pocket Kings Versus a Preflop All-In: Call or Reraise?
Playing Ace-Jack from the Blinds vs. a Raise and Call
Ace-King Offsuit Versus a Straddle and Reraise - What Do You Do?
Would You Play King-Jack Suited Preflop in a Multi-Way Pot?
Ace-High Flush vs. All-In Shove on a Paired Board -- Call or Fold?
King-Queen Suited with 18 Big Blinds -- Play or Pass?
A-J on the Button vs. Early Position Raise -- Fold, Call or Reraise?
Ten-Eight Suited With 13 Left -- Fold, Call or Shove?
Flopped Set vs. a Check-Raise -- What Do You Do Here?
10-2 on the Money Bubble -- What Do You Do Here?
Pocket Jacks Versus a Four-Bet -- What Do You Do Here?
Pocket Eights vs. a Middle Position Raise -- What Do You Do Here?