Yori Epskamp

Yori Epskamp

Senior Content Manager

Yori Epskamp (40) is a former professional poker player with a background in sports marketing and journalism. He's been the Senior Content Manager at PokerNews since 2021, guiding the editorial, social and multimedia output to represent the PokerNews brand and tone of voice.

Yori began his first foray into poker media back in 2011 as a feature writer and live reporter and joined PokerNews in 2016 after covering the World Series of Poker for WSOP.com. Yori started as a freelance live reporter before joining the team full-time as a live reporting manager.

Together with the PokerNews team, Yori travels all across the globe to cover the biggest poker tournaments in the world, including the WSOP in Las Vegas.

When not on the road, Yori resides in the Netherlands with his daughter and loves to run in his spare time. Besides playing poker, he's also an avid fan of other (card) games such as Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering.

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