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Top 4 Best Free Casino Games to Play Online at Global Poker

Free Casino Games Global Poker

Did you know that there is more to Global Poker than amazing free-to-play poker games and tournaments? You do now! Global Poker has some incredible free casino games waiting for you to play. Want to know what the best free casino games are at Global Poker? PokerNews has you covered.

Play Free Online Blackjack on Global Poker

Blackjack is the most popular casino card game on the planet thanks, in part, to its simplicity and the fact there is a basic strategy you can apply to increase your chances of winning. Non-blackjack players believe the sole aim of the game is to reach a total of 21 with your cards, but there is a little more to it than that.

You can play free blackjack on Global Poker, and put the following basic strategy to the test.

Global Poker Blackjack Strategy

The sole objective of Global Poker blackjack is to beat the dealer without your total score exceeding 21. This means it is often best to stand when you have a less than strong score if the dealer is showing a 2-6. Why? Because the dealer must draw until they reach at least 17, meaning they have a chance of busting. At Global Poker, the dealer hits on soft 17, that is an ace and a six.

PokerNews has some excellent blackjack strategy for beginners that you should read up on before hitting the Global Poker blackjack tables.

Blackjack Global Poker

Play Premium Blackjack on Global Poker

Play free premium blackjack on Global Poker is you like to increase your chances of winning. Most of the rules for premium blackjack are the same as classic blackjack, although there are some subtle differences.

For example, the dealer receives both of their cards face-up, allowing you to adopt the perfect blackjack strategy. In addition, should you bust – go over 21 – with an ace in your hand, the ace automatically lowers its value from 11 to 1.

Premium Blackjack Strategy

The strategy for winning at premium blackjack on Global Poker is strikingly similar to classic blackjack. Global Poker suggests avoiding unnecessary bets such as doubling down, splitting, and insurance as although these can increase your winnings, they can also increase your losses.

It also pays to learn the odds of busting when playing blackjack. For example, if you hand is worth 13, you stand a 39% chance of losing on the next card. This increases to 56% when your score is worth 14!

Blackjack Premium Global Poker

Play Free Online Caribbean Poker at Global Poker

Caribbean Poker will look familiar to anyone that has played five-card stud poker because that is where the game's roots lay. You play free Caribbean Poker on Global Poker against the house and not other players. There is no need to bluff or maintain a good poker face when playing Caribbean Poker because there are no other players for you to worry about aside from the Global Poker dealer.

The aim is to make the best five-card poker hand that beats the dealer; the dealer must have at least an ace/king in the hand to qualify. Players love Caribbean Poker because it offers rewards of up to 200-to-1 for hitting a royal flush!

Caribbean Poker Strategy

The optimal strategy for Caribbean Poker is quite complex once you delve into it. However, for playing Caribbean Poker free at Global Poker, you could do much worse than memorizing the tips in the lists below, and feasting your eyes on our Caribbean Poker strategy guide.

  1. Raise with a pair or higher
  2. Fold with less than the dealer’s qualifying hand (Ace king)

Raise with at least a pair, and fold with less than ace/king, but raise on ace/king if any of the following three rules apply:

  1. Raise if the dealer’s card is a 2 – Queen and matches one of yours
  2. Raise if the dealer’s card is an Ace or King and you have a Queen or Jack in your hand
  3. Raise if the dealer’s rank does not match any of yours and you have a Queen in your hand, and the dealer’s card is less than your fourth-highest card.
Caribbean Poker Global Poker

Play Free Online Casino Hold’em on Global Poker

Many Global Poker players flock to the Casino Hold'em table games because they already know the various hand rankings, plus there is only the dealer to beat, not other opponents. As you can play free Casino Hold'em on Global Poker, you need not worry about making mistakes as a beginner!

The game plays very much like a heads-up Texas Hold'em game with a couple of minor differences, which you can read all about here before hitting the tables.

Global Poker Casino Hold'em Strategy

Like blackjack and Caribbean Poker, Casino Hold'em allows for player input to affect the outcome of the hand. Becoming a skilled Casino Hold'em player vastly increases your chances of winning.

Casino Hold'em strategy is complex, just like Texas Hold'em. The general consensus is to raise 82% of your hands, folding only the bottom 18%. The latter is usually reserved for when you have two unpaired and unconnected cards that are low compared to the flop that have little or no chance of improving to a straight or flush. Thankfully, you can play free online Casino Hold'em on Global Poker, so you can devise your own strategy with no risk.

Casino Hold'em Global Poker

How to Play Free Online Casino Games on Global Poker

Are you now itching to play free online casino games on Global Poker and are wondering how to make that happen? Here is the good news — all you need is a Global Poker account, and you are good to go!

Create your Global Poker account via PokerNews, complete the simple registration process, and you will be ready to play free online casino games within a matter of minutes, if not sooner! Be sure to use the promo code "POKERNEWS" when purchasing 150,000 Gold Coins for only $10 not only because that represents a 65% discount, but you'll also bag 30 FREE Sweeps Coins! Good luck!