House of Fun Album: An Effective Way to More Coins

HOF Album

Across different slots and games, you can see the range of house of fun albums which enables you collect a range of cards and once completed you can gain different amounts of coins and prizes.

Coins, prizes, additional challenges and so much more – these factors can be achieved through your house of fun album – but how?

This is how you can use the HOF album to take your experience to the next level!

What is the House of Fun Album?

Through a total of 25 packs within the album, featuring 10 cards within each pack themed through different slots and different elements throughout the house of fun experience.

In the potential of gaining the total of 55,000,000 coins throughout the access of completing the cards within the 25 packs which are featured within the House of Fun album.

HOF Album Cards

How to Gain More Cards for The Album?

Once you’ve seen the potential, you’re able to earn from the different albums, although with a lot of variances you have earn up 100,000s of coins depending on the pack which you complete fully.

This will also go towards the completion of the whole album and a step closer to becoming 55,000,000 coins richer.

HOF Spin the Reel of Fun

Although it’s not only cards which you can win, for the chances to win cards for the albums, coins and so many more prizes, including free spins for additional prizes – take advantage of the house of fun spin for more.

With the chance to win additional cards to go into the packs becoming a step closer to win a range of coins and a step closer to winning and completing the album.

Even if you’re unfortunate enough to not win any of the packs within the Reel of Fun, you are able to win 1,000s of coins within the spins.

This gives the coins you need to enjoy the games and gives you the chance to win packs in those slots!

House of Fun Spin

Slots, Slots, and More Slots

Being the main feature within House of Fun, the wide variety of slots which you’re able to indulge yourself within, especially with the 1000 free coins and 100 free spins you’re able to take advantage of via signing up with PokerNews.

In the midst of your slotting experience, the more that you have as your starting bet this brings you closer to be being able to gain additional packs for each of the sets within the album.

Through the continuation of increasing your levels, coins and enjoying the experience as you indulge yourself through the different themed slots and games – this is another way that you’re able to gain cards and progress your way through the album.

As you arrive back each day for the free coins and other advantages of logging into House of Fun each day, you’re also able to gain a free pack of cards which will be distributed, once opened towards different packs within the album.

House of Fun Slots


Being a mystery, the future challenges which you need to unlock, all the ones which are ahead of you for the day this ensure that you’re able to unlock them in over for the HOF Summer Rush.

Amongst your challenges which can be achieved across various games which are offered, you don’t have to stick to one game – you can adapt your strategies and you play in new environments and with different styles.

In the midst of your challenges – when you complete one of these challenges, this presents the opportunity to gain packs from these individuals challenges of which you complete.

HOG Challenges

How to Achieve 100,000s of Coins for Your Album?

Starting from one star all the way up to 5-star packs, these are each level which you’re able to collect and win through slots, additional spins, and challenges which you’re able to complete to understand the level of pack you can gain.

However, why is the level of the packs important? This is because as you progress through the starred packs this gives you more coins for you to be able to continue your slotting journey and experience.

On your journey of completion of the album and achieving the 55,000,000 coins, each pack gives you coins closer to this goal.

Starting from the first start which helps you achieve 75,000 coins all the way through to the end pack which you’ll achieve and complete the album with the winnings of 9,000,000 coins.

How to Get Started and Continue Your Journey with Slots?

If you’re wanting to get started on House of Fun and to be able to start your journey to be able to unlock the packs and challenges which can be experienced through the HOF albums, this is how you can do so.

For coins, spins, challenges and so much more, you can gain the advantage of 1000 free coins and 100 free spins – you can get this and so much more through signing up through PokerNews.

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