10,000 Gold Coins & 1,000 Sweeps Coins

10,000 Gold Coins & 1,000 Sweeps Coins

Sweepslots: Review & Latest Bonus for 10k Gold Coins & 1k Sweeps Coins

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Review Intro

SweepSlots Casino Review

Sweepslots, founded in 2021, has quickly established itself as a leading name in the social casino arena, known for its stunning range of slot games and excellent bonuses.

Owned by Regal Technologies LLC, Sweepslots does not offer real-money gambling, instead providing a comprehensive range of world-class free slots and casino games. In this review, we'll take you to the heart of Sweepslots, explaining why they are such a well-regarded operator among casino players throughout the United States & Canada.


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What is Sweepslots Casino?

Sweepslots is a social casino available on both desktop and optimized for mobile browsers, which offers players in the U.S. & Canada the chance to play free online games, both in regulated and non-regulated states. This is with the crucial exceptions of Washington, Kentucky, Delaware, & Idaho, where players are not eligible to play games or redeem prizes.

Social casinos have skyrocketed in popularity with the growth of social media networks, offering free slots and free-to-play casino games using a sweepstake system.

Sweepslots casino homepage

This sweepstake model, which Sweepslots Casino uses to run its games, revolves around the use of Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, an understanding of which is crucial for enjoying your casino experience on the SweepSlots site. Therefore, in the upcoming section of the review, we will explain how coins work at Sweepslots and how they're best used to enhance your casino play.

How Does Sweepslots Casino Work?

Being a social (or sweepstake) casino, players at Sweepslots can use Sweeps Coins or Gold Coins instead of playing with real cash. Sweeps Coins can be accrued and redeemed for real prizes, notably money, once the redemption request has been processed and accepted by Sweepslots Casino.

Gold Coins are the primary currency of play at Sweepslots and hold no monetary value. However, purchasing Gold Coins through the site will allow you to receive free Sweeps Coins, which can then be used on slots and table games that offer the chance to win prizes.

Players can obtain Gold Coins through the Get Coins section of the Sweepslots site, with packages ranging from $5 to $500 worth of Gold Coins and free Sweeps Coins bonuses.

What are Sweeps Coins on Sweepslots Casino?

Sweeps Coins are the primary method for winning prizes on Sweepslots. Sweeps Coins can be earned through the purchase of Gold Coins or from a Daily Login Bonus (10 Sweeps Coins are automatically added every 24 hours) and redeemed for prizes at the Redeem section of the Sweepslots website. Moreover, players can earn additional Sweeps Coins by mailing a handwritten postcard or letter with their name, full address, and telephone number to Free Sweepstakes Entry, Regal Technologies, LLC, 16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958 without purchase, contribution, or donation. There is no limit to the amount players can mail Sweepslots with a request. However, each submission must be made on a unique postcard or letter and contain a self-addressed, pre-stamped envelope for return.

Here's a breakdown of the essential facts needed in order to redeem your Sweeps Coins for prizes:

  • Redeem for Cash: Requires 50 Sweeps Coins
  • 1 Sweeps Coin is equivalent to $1

How to Get FREE Sweeps Coins on Sweepslots

As previously mentioned, there are a number of methods that allow you to obtain Sweeps Coins for FREE. Please see the following list of available options:

  1. First Deposit Bonus: Each new player at Sweepslots can take receive free Sweeps Coins with a 100% BONUS on Sweeps Coins with any purchase of Gold Coins up to $20.
  2. Later Deposit Bonus: Following your initial deposit, any further deposits at Sweepslots are eligible for a 2.5% BONUS on Sweeps Coins from any purchase of Gold Coins provided it means the $10 minimum requirement.
  3. Daily Login Bonus: Simply by logging into Sweepslots each day, you will receive free Sweeps Coins with the Daily Login Bonus. The more you log in, the more Sweeps Coins you'll receive, rewarding the loyalty of the most frequent players.

What are Gold Coins on Sweepslots Casino?

Regular players at Sweepslots will become very familiar with Gold Coins as they are the primary method used for standard play on slots and casino games. Unlike Sweeps Coins, Gold Coins cannot be redeemed for prizes, but they are essential for playing at the online casino.

Gold Coins are available directly from the Sweepslots site, with regular promotions and bonuses running for new & existing players. At the current time of writing, the following Gold Coins packages are available for purchase on the social casino site:

Price (USD)Gold Coins + BonusFree Sweeps Coins + Bonus
$55k + 155500 + 15
$1010k + 3201000 + 32
$2020k + 6502000 + 65
$5050k + 16505000 + 165
$100100k + 350010,000 + 350
$200200k + 750020,000 + 750
$500500k + 19,50050,000 + 1950

What Games and Slots can you Play at Sweepslots Casino?

Now you understand how the Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins model works at SweepStakes Casino, we can move on to the real fun stuff - the games!

Sweepslots has a tremendous array of games for casino players of all persuasions, making it an exceptional social casino to play at and enjoy. In this section, we will investigate the many fantastic slots on site and the myriad table games players will love at Sweepslots!

list of games at sweepslots

Play Online Casino Games at Sweepslots Casino

Are you a casino table game aficionado? Then you'll be delighted as several casino classics are available to play at Sweepslots. Let's delve into each one and the games on offer for players.

Play Blackjack at Sweepslots

A legend of the casino floor, Blackjack is an enormously popular table game both at the social casino and at in-person casinos. With the aim of the game to get as close to 21 as possible to beat the dealer, Blackjack is a game replete with strategies and tips to help players win more frequently.

Although Sweepslots does not offer a wide range of Blackjack games, it does have Blackjack Dragon, a charming and fascinating 3d Blackjack game with an alluring oriental theme.

Find out more about playing Blackjack for Free.

Play Roulette at Sweepslots Casino

One of the all-time classic casino games, Roulette is hugely popular at online and social casinos. The beauty of Roulette is in its simplicity - pick a number, choose a color, or a combination of both, and wait with bated breath as the ball spins on the turning wheel.

There are two dedicated Roulette games available on the Sweepslots website, Roulette Mini, a smaller version of the regular game with fewer numbers, and American Roulette 3D, a classic reproduction of the American variation of Roulette. Both games promise all the thrills of the casino floor for Roulette players.

See where to play Roulette for Free.

Play Video Poker at Sweepslots Casino

A stalwart of online & social casinos, Video Poker, is popular worldwide with its exciting spinner setup and huge jackpot potential. With Video Poker strategies aplenty, the game is readily available at Sweepslots with a number of fantastic Video Poker games, including Royal Flush Party, Tens or Better, Jacks or Better Deluxe, and Robo Wild Sevens. All in all, there are seven Video Poker games to choose from, giving players an abundance of options at Sweepslots social casino.

Play Slots at Sweepslots Casino

As so often with social casinos, slot games are the biggest and best categories, and in this regard, Sweepslots is no different.

sweepslots slots hub

With well over thirty (and counting) slot games on the Sweepslots site, players can expect to find a variety of thrilling slot themes, including the wonder of Ancient Egypt in Cleopatra Ancient Treasure, the roar of the beautiful game in Super Soccer Golazo, and the famous casino buzz in Bee Party.

Every slot on the Sweepslots site has a comprehensive information section where players can find essential info about the game. The information section can be found through the 'i' icon on each game tile and includes the following categories:

  • Screenshots
  • Rules
  • Game Interface
  • Gameplay
  • Progressive Jackpot Win (if relevant)
  • Paylines
  • Paytables

Furthermore, Sweepslots employs some sub-categories that help to ensure players can find the right slot game for them - Top Picks, New Hot Games, and Slots Games.

Sweepslots Casino Software Review

A leading social casino platform, Sweepslots ensures a quality user experience for its players with the software it uses on its desktop and mobile browser sites. Rightly, casino players demand a reliable and seamless gaming experience contained within an attractive and easy-to-navigate layout.

sweepslots homepage

Therefore, we will examine the usability, reliability, and look & feel of the Sweepslots site in the upcoming section.

Usability of Sweepslots Casino Software

The Sweepslots desktop site is easy-to-use and is divided into helpful categories that aid with navigation. A three-lined button in the top-left corner of the page reveals a banner that contains all the key areas of the site - Games, Get Coins, Redeem, and Invite friend. Moreover, crucial support, FAQs, and terms and conditions can be found here too.

The homepage is headed with a sliding banner, revealing a mix of vibrant and colorful tiles advertising the top slots on the site. Below this, in the center of the screen, sits all the main game categories, meaning it is effortless to navigate between Slots, Table Games, Card Games & more. The remainder of the slot games can also be found here, with dozens of titles, each with dedicated tiles that entice players in.

Log In and Sign Up are easy to find in the top-right-hand corner of the screen, while if you want to follow Sweepslots on social media, these tiles can be found in the footer.

Despite having no mobile app, Sweepslots has been optimized for play on mobile browsers. Naturally, this has resulted in some elements becoming more condensed as they are optimized for the smaller screen and touch interaction; however, throughout our extensive testing period, we found Sweepslots to work very well on mobile too.

Look and Appearance of Sweepslots Casino Software

Cloaked in regal purple and gold, the Sweepslots site evokes a sense of glamor and luxury, providing an engaging experience for social casino players. With easily legible white writing on the purple background, the font and theme of the site are such that those with visual impairments should experience little to no issues.

Sweepslots Casino Customer Service

Sweepslots has a range of dedicated customer support options, including a support email and an issue ticketing service. In addition, the site also has a dedicated FAQs page, where players can find answers to the most common question which arise as a result of playing at Sweepslots. For a full list of direct contact details for Sweepslots, please see the table below:

Contact MethodSweepslots Casino
Contact Email[email protected]
Contact NumberNot available
Live Chat LinkNot available
Issue TicketingPlease find here

Sweepslots Casino Security

A well-known social casino site, Sweepslots is known as a safe and secure place to play. As a social casino, the company does not require a license to operate legally in the U.S. or Canada. However, it takes security very seriously and employs its account verification checks before players can purchase Gold Coins. Sweepslots may also require a photo ID before approving transactions exceeding $2000.

Is Sweepslots Rigged?

No, Sweepslots is not a rigged social casino site. Players can have confidence when playing at Sweepslots as it is a fair operator.

Sweepslots Casino - Redeem and Purchase

Sweepslots accepts various major payment methods for purchasing Gold Coins and redeeming Sweeps Coins for cash prizes. These methods include Skrill, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover.

Play at Sweepslots Casino

That concludes our comprehensive review of Sweepslots, we hope it helped you to decide if it's the right social casino for you! For any additional information, please view the most frequently asked questions sections below.

Sweepslots Casino FAQs

Is Sweepslots legal in the US?

Yes, Sweepslots is fully legal in the US with the exception of the states of Washington, Delaware, Kentucky & Idaho.

Is Sweepslots legit?

Yes, Sweepslots is a legit social casino, well-regarded throughout the US & Canada.

What are the best games that pay well at Sweepslots?

Although the best game is a matter of personal choice, Sweepslots offers a terrific range of slots, card games, table games & more, for players to discover and enjoy. With so many games on site offering the chance to play with Sweeps Coins, there is ample opportunity to redeem any wins for prizes.

Is Sweepslots and Chumba Casino the same?

No. Although Chumba Casino is a social casino like Sweepslots, they are not the same.

How old do you have to be to play at Sweepslots?

You must be 18 to play at Sweepslots.

How do I redeem my Gold Coins on Sweepslots?

Gold Coins cannot be redeemed on Sweepslots as they have no monetary value. Instead, they can be used alongside Sweeps Coins which may themselves be redeemed in exchange for cash prizes.