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European Poker Grand Slam set for Next Month

European Poker Grand Slam set for Next Month 0001

The battle for European poker supremacy is set to take place next month at the Casino Star City in Birmingham and the team-nation representatives are ready to give their all for their home countries.

42 players from France, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales will battle it out for two consecutive days, playing today's hottest game, No Limit Texas Hold'em. With an event title like Poker Grand Slam, these players are bringing their "A-game," hoping to take down individual cashes and bragging rights for their country.

Sky Sports chain will broadcast the event in March of '06 and will be broken down into six hour-long episodes. Thanks to the national loyalty of Europeans citizens, this heated action should see great ratings and will give more fodder for European countries to dislike one-another (as if soccer wasn't enough).

The 42 players will have to ride the wave of cards that will flow relentlessly throughout the day if they want to make the final event. Only three players will make the final tournament and the cash. First place will take home 50,000 euros (58,600 US), second will earn 30,000 euros ($35,100), and last but certainly not least will be third place and its cash of 20,000 euros ($23,400).

To sweeten the pot, the hosts have offered the country with the most accumulated player points by the end of the tournament will split 110,000 euros ($128,900 US) and have a share in the first-ever Poker Grand Slam title.

In an interesting twist, players can qualify through to play, but don't be fooled, the talent will at this event will be top-flight as several pros such as Donnacha O'Dea, Gary Jones, Dave Colclough, Ivan Donaghy, and Chris Bjorin will see action.

The tournament will be filmed in its entirety and will have cameras roving throughout the action, even during the player's breaks. The set will be have plenty of small microphones to pick up the conversations of players during the tournament.

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