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World Poker Tour Heads To The Arcade

World Poker Tour Heads To The Arcade 0001

Poker isn't the only game where tilting is a bad thing. Pinball machines also have a penalty when you go on tilt, killing your game in mid-play. Now "tilt" has a whole new meaning for the World Poker Tour.

In a move to further one of the most recognized names in poker today, the WPT has announced a deal with Stern Pinball that brings the Tour to an arcade in your hometown. The World Poker Tour Pinball Machine is ready for action and should bring new levels of excitement and challenge for both the novice and the skilled pinball player.

In the game, you'll attempt to travel the WPT circuit and make your poker hands through hitting particular targets and ramps. Your hole cards will be displayed in the center of the pinball game and the flop, turn and river will be earned through skillful play of the machine and displayed as well. There is also a five card stud option to the game, where you attempt to make each of the fifteen hands available. There is plenty of opportunity for action in the game, with a second tier playing field available as well as a trap option to allow for multi-ball action. The case itself displays the hosts of the WPT, Mike Sexton, Vince Van Patten and Courtney Friel and has voiceovers contributed by them as well.

Longtime Williams Pinball great Steve Richie was responsible for the creation of the game for Stern Pinball. He has a long history of creating excellent pinball machines, including Stern's Elvis pinball machine. "The World Poker Tour has a timeless theme of poker and, more importantly, is one of the strongest performers on television today. The playfield is innovative and includes our 'Ace In The Hole' ball lock feature, sixteen drop targets, and some new and exciting ways to play pinball. It is choreographed with thrilling effects, and features the rules and software of Keith Johnson, who is one of the best and most innovative pinball software engineers today."

Gary Stern, the owner of Stern Pinball, harkened back to his youth when speaking about the World Poker Tour pinball machine. "I remember card themed pinball machines of decades ago. It was always fun to make hands by knocking down drop targets. We modernized that concept by adding today's popular Texas Hold 'Em. By going into the market with the best brand in poker, we're certain our customers will love this game!" Andrea Green, the Vice President of Global Consumer Products for WPT Enterprises, Inc., was pleased with the results as well. "We are thrilled to partner with Stern Pinball to create the World Poker Tour pinball machine. This game will allow our fans to remain a part of the WPT experience after their televisions have been turned off or they have left their home poker games," she said.

The game is heading to the arcades of the world as we speak, so the next time you drop your arcade tokens into a pinball machine, you could be playing poker as well with the World Poker Tour Pinball machine.

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