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Oregon 'Sees no Reason' to Shut Down Pub Poker Games.

Oregon 'Sees no Reason' to Shut Down Pub Poker Games. 0001

One particular set of officials have come to their senses with respect to pubs and bars holding Texas Hold Em Poker tournaments. Last August, officials in Oregon voted to allow businesses to hold poker tournaments.

According to an article in the Oregon Register-Guard, three businesses in the Springfield, Oregon area have taken advantage since the ordinance was approved, and all three have reported good results.

"It's gone very well, and everybody seems to enjoy it, we've had no problems." Said Shalee Stockton, of the Woodsman Pub, a business that hosted a Texas hold em tournament earlier this month.

Unlike most bar and pub games, these businesses hold tournaments where real buy ins are collected, and prizes are paid out. The house charges an admission fee, which is collected for everyone that enters the establishment, whether playing in the tournament or not.

This is the first time any type of 'social gambling' has been allowed in this area for years, and so far, so good according to local authorities. Police Chief Jerry Smith says that no complaints have been received since the games began last August, and authorities see no reason to shut the games down.

This attitude is a breath of fresh air in a climate where bar owners have had their doors kicked down, and players have been cited, and equipment seized in prohibition-esque raids on free poker games in bars and taverns in several states across the US.

The ordinance took steps to ensure responsible gaming, and compliance with the law by providing for things like licensed tournament organizers to ensure a smooth tournament, and more importantly, fair play.

Oregon area players can gather, play poker, and have a good time, without being made to feel like criminals. Time will tell if this 'enlightened' attitude will catch on elsewhere.

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