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Lou Krieger Discloses Poker's 'Secrets'

Lou Krieger Discloses Poker's 'Secrets' 0001

He is recognized as one of the best poker authors in the world. Poker player and writer Lou Krieger has been one of the most prolific poker authors around today with seven books and hundreds of strategy articles on his lengthy resume. He has also been called one of the greatest gaming writers of the past 100 years by none other than the highly respected industry magazine Casino Journal. The designation is significant in the fact that only five poker writers made that hallowed list. So who better to learn the "secrets" of the game of poker from?

His latest book, Secrets The Pros Won't Tell You About Winning Hold 'Em Poker (currently on the shelf of your local bookstore for the price of $14.95 U. S./$20.95 Canadian<img src=";amp;amp;l=as2&amp;amp;amp;o=1&amp;amp;amp;a=0977168549" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />) which he coauthored with fellow poker player Sheree Bykofsky, only can add to his ever growing popularity and his continued respect in the poker community for his writings. The book is a conglomeration of many things that most poker players don't understand or use, whether they are new to the game and have never learned them or have played for some time and gotten away from them. It is an invaluable tool that, while taking some time to digest, is a must have in the poker library of a true player.

The 252-page book delves into many of the concepts that the winning players use to make them winners. While some may read over the ideas presented and dismiss them because of their simplicity, it would behoove the reader to take the entire book and use those theories between the covers whenever they play the game of poker. With a full usage of "Secrets," a new player can rapidly accelerate their game and a longtime player can pick up the refreshers that are sometimes necessary to return their game to its previous power.

The book does break down the more simple ideas in the first chapter "Basic Concepts And Plays". While most of us have learned these ideas early on, it is still an excellent part of the book because it reinforces those thoughts for an otherwise cluttered poker mind. From there, the book moves on to more advanced poker thoughts, including tactics, table image, the play of hands from particular positions of the table, money management and much more. It also takes into account all areas of play, including both ring games and tournament play both online and live.

There were definitely two areas that I felt the book makes it mark on the poker literary world. First off, Krieger and Bykofsky emphasize throughout the book that to be successful in the game of poker, you must look at it as a business. There are several examples through the reading of the book that legitimize their ideas, such as how your bankroll is the capital of your poker "business" and not your income. This is an area that many overlook when they participate in the world of poker, with often disastrous results.

Secondly, it really does enter into the "secrets" that many who play the game don't consider at the tables. While most wouldn't readily admit that they don't know some of what is written in the book (or have forgotten it), "Secrets" puts in black and white what makes a successful poker player and serves as a guideline for someone who is willing to work at the game and learn constantly to become such a force at the tables. It is an essential book for these reasons alone.

A word of caution, however. While Lou and Sheree have deftly written a book that is easily read and understood, to get the full impact of "Secrets" one must take the book in small doses. There is a wealth of information on each page and to take it all in in a single setting can be an audacious task. I found that the book's lessons are much more easily absorbed through a steady reading and re-reading process, allowing for the digestion of the thoughts and the analysis of those ideas before moving on.

There are few poker books that require this type of approach and they are considered classics, such as the two "Super/System" books and "The Theory of Poker". Time will be the ultimate factor in determining if it will be thought of in the same way, but Lou Krieger and Sheree Bykofsky's "Secrets The Pros Won't Tell You About Winning Hold 'Em Poker" is a book that will continually provide poker lessons for a reader and should definitely be high on your list of "must buy" poker books.

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