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Team PokerNews –The Dream is Over

Team PokerNews –The Dream is Over 0001

With the Elimination of Per Erik Loeff in 118th place, the last member of Team PokerNews has been eliminated from competition at the World Series of Poker.

Per outlasted 98.5% of the field for his 118th place finish, and is taking $51, 129 back to his home in Norway. His total cost for the experience - $0. Per won a freeroll tournament on Titan Poker, and had his entire WSOP experience paid for, including travel and accommodation.

We want to thank Per, and all of our qualifiers for being part of Team PokerNews. We really think we bring you the best value on the web with these freerolls. We are about to launch our program for the Aussie Millions, and hope our readers will check it out. The Aussie Millions is a fantastic event held every January in Melbourne, Australia, and 2007 promises to be the biggest year in the history of the tournament.

We sent 31 players to the WSOP this year, and as we continue to grow, we will pass more value on to you, the readers. Thanks to all the winners and members of Team PokerNews. See you next year.

Team PokerNews 2006

Tony G. (Captain)

Noah Boeken

Patrik Antonius

Dennis Waterman

Paul Sandells

John Caldwell

Damon Rasheed

Gareth Edwards 746th place - $16,493

Tony Bromham

Duc Quy Nguyen

Branco Dekkers

Vincenzo Moro

Jonny Vincent

Kort Woeller

Per Erik Loeff – 118th place - $51,129

Damien Carroll

Scott Beauregard

Bart Wetsteijn

Donald Jennings

Joey Chang

Nathan Johnstone

Kazutomo Takamura

Robert Snow

Yun-Hsiang Fan 782nd place - $ 15,504

Marc Weinberg

Olivier Sweijs

Nicola Rinaldi

Karen Trommels

Andrew Lindsay

Kristin Lewis

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