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Full Tilt Introduces New Deposit Method MyWebATM

Full Tilt Introduces New Deposit Method MyWebATM 0001

Many members of Full Tilt Poker's mailing list were introduced earlier this morning to a new method of deposit/withdrawal. Many in the industry had heard rumors of new deposit options in the wake of the Neteller trouble, and it appears the new options are beginning to surface.

Responding to the problem created with the shutdown of Neteller, Full Tilt has decided to endorse MyWebATM as a secure new option for deposits and withdrawals. The site links your online poker account to your personal bank account and simplifies withdrawals by mailing users an ATM card. The MyWebATM card can be used by any ATM which supports CIRRUS, which is accepted at virtually any ATM in the country.

Upon signing up, the service requires users to provide a very detailed set of information, including name, social security number, date of birth, address, home phone, email address, and driver's license number.

Fees have been a concern with newer eWallets such as epassporte, and MyWebATM also has its fair share of charges for its users. They include:

Schedule of fees

Monthly service fee: $3.95

ATM transaction, domestic: $2.50

Declined ATM transaction, domestic: $2.50

ATM transaction, international: $3.95

Declined ATM transaction, international: $3.95

POS transaction, domestic: $1.75

Declined POS transaction, domestic: $0.00

POS transaction, international: $1.75

Declined POS transaction, international: $0.00

Card-to-card transfer: $5.00

Card-to-ACH transfer: $4.00

PIN change: $0.00

Account inquiry: $1.00

Replacement card: $9.95

Currency conversion: 2%

Funding from credit card: $0.32 + 3.70%

Funding from bank account: $2.82

The card limitations are as follows:

Card Activity Limitations {Daily/Monthly}

ATM withdrawal (up to 5 transactions / day): $500/ $9700

ATM deposit (up to 10 transactions / day): $2700/ $9700

POS debit (up to 25 transactions / day): $1500/ $9700

POS refund (up to 10 transactions / day): $2700/ $9700

Card-to-card transfer, debit: $2700

Card-to-card transfer, credit: $2700

Funding, per account: $300/ $1000

Funding, per card: $300/ $1000

Full Tilt assures that withdrawals will be fast, easy, and secure and available within a few days. Hopefully, MyWebATM will provide a convenient and reliable option for poker players for a long time to come.

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