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Poker Room Review: Crown Casino: Melbourne, Australia

Poker Room Review: Crown Casino: Melbourne, Australia 0001

Since the PokerNews team just returned from down under for the Aussie Millions, it's only appropriate that we take a look at the room at the Crown Casino. The first observation is that this is truly a room made for the players. I spent the first several nights playing $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em on one of the 10 PokerPro machines/tables and I got a chance to talk to the locals about "their" room. This is the biggest room by far in Australia and one of the biggest in the entire Southern Hemisphere. Along with the 10 PokerPro tables there are 45 dealer tables arranged magnificently in a very large room.

The PokerPro tables are new, they have been in just a month now but they are very popular. At present the all electronic tables are dealing $1/$2 NLHE and $.50/$1 NLHE. The process is very fast once you have your PokerPro card and have loaded it with some cash.

The other tables are all dealer tables with those on the upper level "High Level" area equipped with auto-shufflers. The range of games dealt in the Las Vegas room here at the Crown start at $5/$10 Limit on all games. Right now with the Aussie Millions in town the games range all the way to $500/$1000 and each and every night the tables are full. Generally speaking this is a very busy room, which has grown from three tables over in the corner just a few years ago to its present 55 table stature. The "normal" big game is $20/$40 and there are generally several of those tables in play. Weekends can stir up a $50/$100 table.

The great news about this room is that with all the space they have, many more tables could have been jammed into the space but the architecture remains player and staff friendly with lots of room to move about. I particularly like the various levels to break the room into several different open areas. The new lighting not only clearly illuminates the tables but also adds a friendly feeling to the room. You don't feel like its all about just the poker and the rake but rather that you are being welcomed into a comfortable space to have some fun.

If you look closely you will notice that the car park (garage for you Yanks) that is just outside the Las Vegas room has some support pillars that resemble the structure inside the poker room Yes folks, this used to be full of automobiles but the poker boom has put the demand for more space on high priority and the Crown grab a big chunk of car spaces for the now very elegant Las Vegas room.

The staff at the Crown is typically "Australian Friendly" and so are I might add are the players. Very few floor calls are made or needed. The players not only know the rules, they respect them and they respect the staff including the dealers. The dealing staff is also very experienced and very professional. I have yet to see a dealer check their watch for a push and I have yet to see a late push. While this may just be the typical social atmosphere here in Australia, it certainly makes playing the game a lot more fun and a lot more relaxing.

Crown Hotels and Casino

8 Whiteman Street

Southbank 3006

Melbourne, Australia

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