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WSOP Updates - Event #12, $1,500 NLHE Six-Handed, Day Two - Warner, Zeitlin on Top

WSOP Updates - Event #12, $1,500 NLHE Six-Handed, Day Two - Warner, Zeitlin on Top 0001

Of the original 1,427 players who started Event # 12 - the $1,500 Six Handed No Limit Hold 'Em event - only 62 returned for Day Two action on Friday. Online veteran Carl Olson and Eric 'sheets' Haber, Douglas Carli, Erik Seidel and 'Miami' John Cernuto were a few of the notable names that were still alive, but they were all chasing the chip leader, current Player of the Year race leader J. C. Tran, as play began.

22 more players were sent to the rail in the first hour, unusual considering the players were already well inside the money and the $481,698 first-place prize was at stake. Among these were Carli, Cernuto, Seidel and early Day One leader Rep Porter, taking away anywhere from $3,701 (Carli) to $5,844 (Seidel, out in 40th).

J.C. Tran remained true to his aggressive style, bullying his table early. Two hours into play and shortly after Olson's 32nd-place exit, there were only five tables left and 30 players to go, playing down to the six spots at today's final table. Besides Tran, Alex Balandin moved through the pack and veteran Joe Awada quietly added chips as well. At the dinner break, only 20 players remained.

Tran held about 500K in chips at this point but, in a major hand, he lost most of them to Andrew Webking. On a 9-5-5 flop, Webking bet out 41K and Tran simply called. A four on the turn brought another bet of 70K from Webking and Tran called once again. A seven on the river brought a third bullet out of Webking, worth 110K. Tran sat back and considered his options before making the call. When Webking showed his {6-Clubs}{5-Clubs} for flopped trips, Tran mucked, minus a large portion of his stack. Tran would be eliminated in 15th place moments later by Joe Awada.

Awada continued his charge, eliminating Terry Eischens in 12th place, worth $19,089. After losing a large pot to David Zeitlin, Webking took his pocket kings to battle against Brian Miller, who held pocket aces. Once the board blanked off, Webking could only mutter, "What a cooler," as he accepted tenth place ($31,166). An hour later, Awada was out in eighth and William Vosti was out in seventh ($46,749 each). Zeitlin and Jason Warner made the last big moves of the day, with Warner on top as the final table was set for today's action:


Seat 1: David Zeitlin — 899,000

Seat 2: Matt Brady — 381,000

Seat 3: Brian Miller — 831,000

Seat 4: Steve Olell — 484,000

Seat 5: Jason Warner — 945,000

Seat 6: David Mitchell-Lolis — 736,000

Action continues tomorrow at 2pm PDT for the final table. Make sure to follow the Event #12 $1,500 Six Handed Hold 'Em 'Live Reporting' on If you don't have much time, keep up with the WSOP at a glance with our 'Overview' articles, which you can find in our WSOP News section.

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