APPT Macau High Rollers: Assadourian Surges to Title APPT Macau High Rollers: Assadourian Surges to Title 0001

Liz Lieu made her second APPT Macau final table just about two days after her first, navigating the pro-filled waters of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour High Rollers tournament on her way to the final table. Lieu was joined at the final table by John Juanda and chip leader Emad Tahtouh, but it was budding Australian superstar Eric Assadourian who came from behind at the final table to capture the first ever APPT Macau $15,000 High Rollers event.

Everyone started the day behind Tahtouh, who amassed a huge chip lead over the field on Day 1. As the final eight settled in for the fight to the finish, the chip stacks looked like this:

Seat 1: John Juanda - 74,000

Seat 2: Scott Numoto - 47,000

Seat 3: Emad Tahtouh - 343,500

Seat 4: Bo Sehlstedt - 127,000

Seat 5: Liz Lieu - 48,500

Seat 6: Eric Assadourian - 120,500

Seat 7: Tony Ng - 57,500

Seat 8: David Paul Steicke - 142,000

Lieu followed her seventh-place finish in the Macau Main Event with another stellar finish, laying claim to the eighth spot in this event. Tony Ng re-raised Lieu all in pre-flop, and Lieu made the call with A10. Ng was well in the lead with AQ, and the board of J2K108 made a Broadway straight for Ng, and sent Lieu to the rail, for $27,648.

Scott Numoto got the rest of his short stack in the middle with A2, and found one caller in Tahtouh, who woke up in the small blind with 1010. Tahtouh re-raised to isolate, and Bo Sehlstedt mucked his big blind. The board of 7K3JK provided no help for Numoto, and he was eliminated in seventh place for a $36,864 payday.

John Juanda picked a spot and a hand to make a run at the title, and shoved his last few chips from the big blind, re-raising Eric Assadourian's pre-flop raise. Assadourian shoved all in over the top of Juanda's bet, and David Paul Steicke got out of the way. Assadourian held AK, and was up against one of the few hands that he was truly behind – Juanda's KK. The flop and turn were uneventful, but the A on the river gave Assadourian one of his three outs and sent Juanda to the rail in sixth place ($46,080).

Emad Tahtouh had built a massive chip lead at the end of Day 1, only to spend the final table watching it slide away. In his final hand, he raised preflop with KJ, only to face a decision for all his chips when Bo Sehlstedt reraised him. Tahtouh made the call, and Sehlstedt tabled AK. Tahtouh was drawing thin on the Q7A flop, and the turn and river brought no help as Tahtouh was eliminated in fifth place ($64,512).

Tony Ng was next to fall as he called all in after an Assadourian pre-flop raise. Ng's 65 was live against Assadourian's AK, and the 9105 flop gave him the lead. Assadourian caught a king on the turn to retake control of the hand, and the 3 on the river ended Ng's tournament in fourth place ($82,944).

Assadourian held a commanding chip lead going into three-handed play, and he wasted no time putting his big stack to work for him. With AJ on the button, Assadourian opened for a raise, David Paul Steicke re-raised, and Assadourian quickly moved all in. Steicke called and showed A9, and was drawing nearly dead on the 4J7 flop. The 8 on the turn provided no help, and the superfluous J on the river sealed his fate. Steicke collected $110,592 for his third-place finish.

Assadourian's chip lead as heads-up play began was massive, with 772,000 in chips to Bo Sehlstedt's 181,000, but Sehlstedt made a game of it, doubling through Assadourian several times after losing an initial big pot. After 30-plus hands of heads-up play, Assadourian called Sehldstedt's pre-flop all-in with 98, saying "I'm gonna gamble," as he made the call. Sehlstedt held A6, and Assadourian's gamble proved to be a good one as soon as the flop came down 5Q9. The turn 10 and river J brought no help to Sehlstedt, and he was eliminated in second place ($184,320) as Eric Assadourian claimed the APPT Macau High Rollers Tournament crown, worth $368,640.

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