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This Week in Tournament Poker: Plenty of Action and Dolan Comes Close

This Week in Tournament Poker: Plenty of Action and Dolan Comes Close 0001

This week, we’ll take a look at four events that recently wrapped up in Europe. Then we'll move our focus to the United States. In Europe, the 2010 Poker Grand Prix, the Swedish Open Poker Championship 2010 Main Event, the 2010 Mountain Poker Party Seefeld and the 2010 Hold’em Series all wrapped up and crowned four new winners. In the U.S., the World Poker Finals held all of its preliminary events; we’ll recap the results from the four largest ones.

2010 Poker Grand Prix

Starting with the 2010 Poker Grand Prix in Saint Vincent, Italy, the €1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Main Event attracted 138 players and created a nice prize pool worth over €200,000. A payday of €46,090 went to the winner, Jackson Genopesi. Twenty-one spots were paid out, and everyone who cashed earned at least €2,000. One of the finishers in the money was notable poker professional Max Pescatori. Cristiano Blanco also made the final table and finished in seventh place.

Buy-inEntriesPrize Pool
€1,500 + €150138€200,790
1Jackson Genopesi€46,090
2Ettore Di Leva€32,150
3Filippo Moccia€24,100
4Davide Greco€18,050
5Massimo Mosele€13,650
6George Fasola€11,050
7Cristiano Blanco€9,050
8Giampiero Speranza€7,450
9Alessandro Amelia€6,000
10Daniele Mazzia€4,800

Notable Finishes: Max Pescatori (15th - €2,400)

Swedish Open Poker Championship 2010 Main Event

Much like the 2010 Poker Grand Prix had all the in-the-money finishers coming from the country in which the event was hosted, everyone who cashed in the Swedish Open Poker Championship 2010 Main Event was from Sweden.

Winning the event was Andreas Berggreb, who happened to cash in the World Series of Poker Main Event back in 2008. The buy-in for the event was SKr20,000, which is roughly $3,000. Berggren won SKr586,000 for his victory, or about $87,000. The event attracted 119 entrants.

Buy-inEntriesPrize Pool
SKr20,000 + SKr900119SKr 2,380,000
1Andreas BerggrenSKr586,000
2Oscar KroonSKr428,000
3Tomas LindgrenSKr338,000
4Andreas AhlmSKr270,000
5Christer LagerstromSKr203,000
6Karim Faraj-FalieSKr158,000
7Joakim GarpSKr113,000
8Jesper HoogSKr90,000
9Pontus KhosraviSKr68,000

2010 Mountain Poker Party Seefeld

The 2010 Mountain Poker Party Seefeld drew a field of 73 players for the €1,500 buy-in event. Gabor Gyarmat, the winner, took home €31,210. Eight spots paid out:

Buy-inEntriesPrize Pool
1Gabor Gyarmat€31,210
2Torsten Intemann€22,890
4Jorg Peisert€11,440
5Constantin Meyer€8,320
6Ronald Eberhard€6,240
7Anja Meyer€4,160
8Vallo Maidla€3,125

2010 Hold’em Series

The Aviation Club de France in Paris was host to the 2010 Hold’em Series and the €3,000 Main Event attracted 145 players. The winner, Paul Pires-Trigo, took home nearly €130,000. Only one of the players who finished in the money wasn’t from the host country, France: 18th-place finisher Imad Derwiche from Senegal.

Buy-inEntriesPrize Pool
1Paul Pires-Trigo€129,610
2Stephane Benadiba€68,855
3Clement Thumy€48,605
4Cedric Ponton€32,405
5Franck Kalfon€24,300
6David Lascar€20,250
7Daniel Amara€16,200
8Eric Qu€12,150
9Hugo Lemaire€8,114

Notable Finishes: Antoine Arnault (10th - €6,075)

Foxwoods World Poker Finals

The Foxwoods World Poker Finals is one of the biggest tournament series on the East Coast of the U.S., taking place in Connecticut. We’ll take a look at the results for four big preliminary events: the $1,375 No-Limit Hold’em, the $2,325 No-Limit Hold’em, the $910 No-Limit Hold’em and the $4,800 No-Limit Hold’em. The four winners crowned were Micha Neugut, Steven Tabb, Nathan Smith and Lawrence Lipman, respectively. Out of those four, the largest field came out for the $910 No-Limit Hold’em event, which drew 254 entrants. Here are the results for these four events.

Buy-inEntriesPrize Pool
$1,375 + $125212$282,755
*1Micha Neugut$49,875
*2John Dolan$45,000
*3Adrian Healey$40,000
4Raymond Hicks$21,206
5Richard Cozza$15,976
6Sal Attina$13,007
7Justin Pechie$11,027
8John Doucet$9,048
9Brian Lesser$7,645

Notable Finishes: Bernard Lee (14th - $5,089), Athanasios Polychronopoulos (16th - $4,099), Steven Fiorentini (19th - $4,099), Gordon Eng (25th - $3,534)

Buy-inEntriesPrize Pool
$2,325 + $175122$275,140
*1Steven Tabb$67,316
*2Edward Galonek$62,000
3Avdo Djokovic$27,514
4James French$22,699
5Jacob Bazeley$19,398
6Benjamin Little$15,958
7Christopher Hunichen$12,656
8Brandon Novena$9,630
9Kenneth Adams$6,607

Notable Finishes: Jeffrey Vanchiro (10th - $5,640), Lou Esposito (11th - $5,640), Kyle Loman ($4,814)

Buy-inEntriesPrize Pool
$910 + $90254$224,205
*1Nathan Smith$32,192
*2Feming Chan$32,000
*3Jim Janczy$29,000
*4Robert Skinner$29,000
5Alexander Rocha$12,556
6Ronnie Kevin$10,201
7Toby Kasser$8,520
8David Dibiasio$6,950
9Menan Saydam$5,844

Notable Finishes: Men “The Master” Nguyen (11th - $4,259), William Botchis (17th - $2,690)

Buy-inEntriesPrize Pool
$4,800 + $20049$228,144
*1Lawrence Lipman$66,381
*2Steve Barshak$61,380
3James Campbell$31,940
4Jacob Bazeley$27,387
5Michael Wang$22,814
6Andrew Delisle$18,251

*Denotes a chop

That wraps up a lot of tournament action. There’s going to be plenty more action next week, so be sure to check back with us at PokerNews to see if any of your favorite players, friends or family happened to go deep in an event and as always, follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news.

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