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2011 World Poker Tour Prague Day 1b: A Kastle Is Built

Casey Kastle

Day 1b of the 2011 World Poker Tour Prague took place on Friday. The second starting flight grew to 340 players, which put the event total up to 571. That meant the 2011 WPT Prague had become the largest European WPT in history, breaking the record set by WPT Vienna in Season IX. At the end of the day, 124 players remained and Casey Kastle led the way with 356,800 in chips.

According to the WPT Live Update Team, Kastle gained the chip lead thanks to a massive hand right at the end of the day against Michael Tureniec. Kastle moved all-in preflop and was called by Tureniec who held {Q-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}. Kastle had {A-Hearts}{A-Spades} and held from there. He was all-in for around 170,000 and doubled, while Tureniec slipped to 100,000.

Olivier Busquet was one of the many players eliminated on the day and he went out early, during Level 4. Busquet did all he could to get Pavel Binar to put all the money in preflop. Busquet held pocket aces and Binar two kings. From there, Binar found a king on the flop and another one on the river to make quads against Busquet and send him packing.

Some other notable eliminations on the day were Shannon Shorr, Toby Lewis and Ivan Freitez.

Amongst those who were able to bag decent stacks on the day included Nikola Sears (262,800), Steve O'Dwyer (241,000), Martins Adeniya (205,000), Daniel Carter (143,200), Kevin Iacofano (133,400), Andrey Pateychuk (121,800), Tristan Clemencon (118,100), Manuel Bevand (108,000) and Eugene Katchalov (101,500).

The total prize pool created for the event was €1,753,200. The winner will receive €450,000 and the top 63 spots will be paid out. Just finishing into the money will earn a player at least €6,400. Reaching the final table will earn one €25,000.

Day 2 will commence on Saturday at 1400 CET (0500 PST). Be sure to return to PokerNews for the daily recap of the action

*Photo courtesy of the World Poker Tour.

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