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2012 World Poker Tour Ireland Day 3: Shallow Begins Final Table with Overwhelming Chip Lead

Dave Shallow

The World Poker Tour Ireland continued on Saturday as the final 36 players of a 338-player field returned for Day 3 in pursuit of a €202,680 first-place prize. The Citywest Hotel in Dublin played host to the tournament as the remaining field, all of whom were in the money, were reduced to five. Leading the way with 6,155,000 in chips is Dave Shallow, who is the overwhelming chip leader.

Shallow, known as "CrabMaki" on PokerStars, played solid throughout the day but really showed his worth on the final table bubble when he scored a double elimination. According to the World Poker Tour Live Reporting Team, Shallow opened for 85,000 from early position, Steven Moreau reraised to 220,000, and Shaun Conning moved all-in. Shallow then moved all-in over the top for 2.4 million and Moreau snap-called. Shallow had both players covered.

Shallow: {J-}{J-}
Moreau: {A-}{A-}
Conning: {Q-}{Q-}

It was a crazy hand at a crucial point of the tournament, and the {10-Spades}{9-Diamonds}{7-Clubs} flop seemed to indicate Moreau would win; however, the {J-Spades} spiked on the turn to give Shallow a commanding lead. The {4-Clubs} river changed nothing and Shallow took down the huge pot, consequently sending Conning and Moreau home in seventh and sixth place respectively.

The action was fast and furious as half the field was eliminated in just four levels of play. Eliminations included Sam MacDonald (35th - $7,217), Con Collins (32nd - $7,217), Mike Hill (29th - $7,217), Tim Farrelly (25th-$8,192), and Dermot Blain (22nd - $8,192).

Blain, who finished in fifth place at this year’s World Series of Poker Europe for $367,362, was eliminated when Stuart Fox raised from early position only to have Blain move all-in. The rest of the field cleared out and Fox made the call.

Fox: {A-}{Q-}
Blain: {A-}{10-}

It was a bad spot for Blain and he was in desperate need of a ten. Unfortunately for him, he didn't catch anything as the board ran out {6-}{5-}{2-}{9-}{J-}.

The middle stages of the tournament saw even more players fall including Franck Boyer (20th - $8,192), Jan Larsen (18th - $9,154), David Nicholson (13th - $10,116), and Daniel Smyth (11th - $11,079). With just four eliminations to go until the final table, perhaps the most notable player left in the tournament was sent packing.

It happened when Charles Chattha raised on the button only to have Ross Boatman move all-in from the small blind for approximately 300,000. The big blind got out of the way, Chattha insta-called, and the cards were turned on their backs:


Chattha: {A-Clubs}{K-Diamonds}
Boatman: {A-Spades}{5-Clubs}

Boatman was dominated and watched as the flop came down {8-Hearts}{4-Spades}{4-Hearts}, putting out some chop outs. The {6-Diamonds} added to those chop outs, and Boatman could still hit a five to win, but it was not meant to be as the {2-Diamonds} blanked on the river. Boatman was eliminated from the tournament in 10th place and earned $11,079 for his deep run.

From there, Stuart Fox (ninth - $16,384) and Robert Brull (eighth - $22,625) were eliminated, followed by the aforementioned double elimination of Conning and Moreau, putting a halt to the action as the official final table was reached — with just five players. Day 4 gets under way at 1500 GMT (0900 EST) on Sunday as the WPT Ireland will crown its first-ever champion.

World Poker Tour Ireland Final Table

SeatPlayerChip Count
1Dave Shallow6,155,000
2Steve Watts1,600,000
3Patrik Vestlin1,100,000
4Charles Chattha835,000
5Ronan Gilligan775,000

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*Photo courtesy of the World Poker Tour.

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