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PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker Settlement: Pros React on Twitter

Poker Pros on Twitter

On Tuesday, it was announced that a settlement had been reached between the U.S. Department of Justice and PokerStars. The settlement allows for PokerStars to acquire the assets of Full Tilt Poker and for players who had their bankrolls stuck on Full Tilt Poker to be repaid. After the settlement was announced, poker players took to Twitter to express their thoughts about the news.

Peter JettenThe year and four month sweat to see if poker players would get their online money seems to be over!
Christian HarderLet me love you Pokerstars!
Brent HanksI am celebrating and drinking and kissing every single face I see along the way. Thank you @PokerStars and all those who fought for us.
Shane SchlegerReally blown away and impressed that Stars pulled this off. #proud #speechless
Eric BaldwinStars should bail everyone out 'with interest'. Would cost relatively little right now and would bump #hero status to #superhero
Bryan Piccioli2nd biggest score and I didn't even play poker today... #laxxed
Phil GalfondWoke up too early :(
Vanessa SelbstGreat news, happy to represent @Pokerstars! "We've just announced the DOJ settlement. Read here: for more information."
Mason HinkleHere is @blur5f6's $1M reaction to the news that @PokerStars purchased FullTilt and will pay players back:
Dale PhilipFor the first time since I joined twitter and started following poker players, every single tweet in my timeline is positive :-).
Christopher DeMaciWhile making a great business decision, Poker Stars becomes heros to countless members of the poker community. Just brilliant. Well done.
Todd TerryMost importantly, this should be the end of the worst thread in 2p2 history, the FTP Discussion Thread
Daniel NegreanuPokerStars is the nuts “@PokerStars: We've just announced the DOJ settlement. Please read here: for more information.”
Adam LevyI'm expecting @Shaundeeb to retweet the PS/FTP news some time around Thursday.

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